My surgeon is understandably proud. My child's 108 degree curve (lower) is now 30 degrees! From the first time she was diagnosed, it's never been under 80. The upper curve was trickier--didn't get the final measurement, but the surgeon had to resort to hooks for the top due to her size. Walking is a bit tricky right now, since she's apparently been compensating beautifully for that curve, but she's getting there.

One issue that came up that I wish I had known beforehand, however, is that a dramatic correction can apparently increase a child's risk of bowel obstruction. Especially in children who have had abdominal surgery in the past, as mine has. Anyone else hear of this? My child had some vomiting and trouble getting back onto tube feeds as usal post-surgery, we think due to constipating pain meds and general GI sensitivity in the first place, but it apparently scared the ped attendings at the hospital. Turned out to be just a scare--but it sure shook us up to hear about this AFTER her surgery. Anyone else run into this?