I am a 30 year old female who was diagnosed in 5th grade and put in a charleston brace for 2=3 years at night. I have an s cure. Lumber curve starting out at 26 degree and the curve at my neck started at around 8 degrees....After the bracing etc...my curves had progressed to Lumber 38 and Neck 13 degrees. Around the age of eighteen i started having major pain, where i couldn't walk. i started being treated by chiropractors....they help temporarily. After the birth of my 2 children things seemed to progress more...much more pain in my neck, lower back, down my left leg...MRI showed bone spurs, disc degeneration, nerve inflamation, arthristis, etc. So where to go from there. I've been in and out of water therapy the past two years. It helps for a while and then back to the normal of pain and discomfort. I have also started to develop suspicious lumps on my hands and feets. Ganglion cyst on my left hand and left foot, and now [/COLOR]a bunion on my right foot, and burcytis in my left hip.

So beyond having surgery what are my options? Anything anyone can suggest would be sooo greatly appreciated. I really don't want to live the rest of my life in constant pain and discomfort!

In God's Grace,
Julie, PA