My wife and I have Kaiser Insurance and have known for about a year that our daughter has scoliosis. Her doctor prescribed her to get a TLSO brace and she's been wearing it since September. That is when the curve started progressing. Since then, the curve hasn't stopped and it's now at 58 degrees.
Just recently we found out about the mehta casting option and she's going to have it done in a week or so.

Our question is why aren't more Hospitals/Doctor's using this technique to help infantile scoliosis (idiopathic)? Is it because of cost's? The brace is nice because it can be cleaned and removed for baths, but it doesn't seem to serve the purpose of correcting the curve. We don't understand why we weren't informed about this by our doctor. Not that it was a conspiracy or anything. Just can't believe that our doctor didn't recommend or know about it.

Nate & Kelly