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Thread: Shriner's SLC Casting

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    Shriner's SLC Casting

    This is our first post here.

    My wife and I are taking our daughter to Shriner's in Utah on the 23rd of this month to have her fitted with the mehta cast by Dr. D'Astous. Our daughter has a 58 degree curve and the brace that she wears isn't holding it. Could someone share there experience at this hospital with us? What can we expect?

    Thank you,
    Nate & Kelly

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    Hi Nate and Kelly,

    Have you checked out There are lots of parents there whose children have been helped by casting. In fact, many of them see the same doctor at Shriners SLC and speak VERY highly of him.

    Best of luck to you!
    Mom to David, age 17, braced June 2000 to March 2004
    Vertebral Body Stapling 3/10/04 for 40 degree curve (currently mid 20's)

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