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  • 4 weeks since revision surgery

    Hi ... I'm new to the group and wanted to offer up any information that might be of help. I was initially fused with a Harrington rod in 1976, I'm 59 years old. I had few problems until about 20 years ago when the deterioration began. I had my flat back revision surgery done 4 weeks ago by Dr....
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  • CT Scan....what does "Lobulated Collections" mean?

    In reading my report from my myelogram/ct scan in December, I'm confused on what the paragraph below means. Of course I "googled" it, but with all the knowledge and experience on this site, I thought someone could explain the following paragraph from a five page report a little more? I meet...
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  • SewBzzzy
    started a topic A newbie to the forum.......

    A newbie to the forum.......

    As a long time scoliosis patient, I've done a lot of reading on this site and have been truly impressed with the knowledge and caring by all!! Hopefully you'll have some advice to pass along.....

    Here's my short history:
    A rural farm girl from mid Michigan, diagnosed with scoliosis...
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  • Hi to all my old friends from '08, Chihuahua Mama needs revision surgery

    It's been a while since I've visited and hello to everybody, especially my special friends who gave me love and support when I needed it reaching out over cyberspace. I had rods placed from T10 to L4 and 4 discs removed in a 2 part surgery then. Today, I am bend forward and to the right. I look obviously...
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  • Possible 3rd Surgery / Seeking excellent orthopedic surgeon [scoliosis] in Boston

    Hello everyone,
    It has been a little over two years since I have been on the forum. I had my 2nd surgery at NYU hospital in January of 2011. I received new hardware but the correction I was hoping for was not achieved. My Doctor assured me that my spine would be much straighter. I only gained...
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  • Betty B
    started a topic Looking for a surgeon

    Looking for a surgeon

    I am 60 had Harrington Rods t4-L4 at age 27, then a revision L4-5. I continue to have radicular pain through my right SI joint radiating down my right leg.
    What about all this laser surgery, and pain management. I would prefer not to have another surgery.
    Who should I see. I live in Florida...
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  • Reneetina
    started a topic HELP Questions for Revision Surgery

    HELP Questions for Revision Surgery

    I wrote on Crying. I'm 60 yrs & 1st of all thanks to those that replied. I do not know how to do it (reply). Secondly I need 1 yr old hardware replaced with new, a bolt added in sacrum, cross link (holding rods together) is popping out)2 more levels added to Thoracic & may still have some infection...
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