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  • dr mom
    started a topic East Coast Surgeon Recommendation for Young Adult

    East Coast Surgeon Recommendation for Young Adult

    Hi, I'm a 22 year old female who was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 5. My curve is about 55 degrees and I'm ready to have surgery. Does anyone have any recommendations of surgeons on the East Coast of the US who have had surgery in the past 3 years? I would love to hear from other young adults...
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  • JScoli91
    started a topic New To Forum - Revision needed?

    New To Forum - Revision needed?

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and I am in need of advice/guidance.

    I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 with curves at the time measuring as follows:
    Cervical: 35
    Thoracic: 45
    Lumbar: 25

    I had my original fusion (T2-T12) with Harrington rods...
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  • How much Pain relief from revision surgery?

    Hi -
    My fusion (no instrumentation) is over thirty years old, and about three years ago pain from disc degeneration and stenosis started. The lower fusion has held up well, so far, the upper fusion has lost 35% of correction. I donít take pain medication anymore; everything Iíve ever tried...
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  • What is the point of post-surgical restrictions really?

    If I feel like bending to pick something off the floor, what can it hurt? I may be a little sore after, so. . .? Am I messing up my fusion to do things like that? Will it make me less straight? I don't think it will pull anything loose. Just wondered. Need a little fear to keep me in line I guess. I'm...
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  • doodie
    started a topic How do you know when you're fused?

    How do you know when you're fused?

    I had an appointment with Dr. Kebaish yesterday- one year + three months post surgeries and I'm happy to report all is well! In fact, my next appointment is one year from now - next July.

    I am to keep walking and biking, add more PT to strengthen neck muscles. (have had cervical issues...
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  • New Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures for Severe Scoliosis and Fusion

    Hello, I want to introduce myself, I'm Dr. Neel Anand. I developed a new minimally invasive surgical procedure for severe scoliosis that corrects and maintains the correction. There is less risk, as the procedure is not open spine, less blood loss, no ICU, quick recovery with no pain medication! Usually...
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  • PLR
    started a topic Spinal Fusion Statistics

    Spinal Fusion Statistics

    Our son has been recommended for spinal fusion surgery. To help us get a feel for what that might mean, I've been looking for scholarly papers that provide statistics on fusions. I'd love to know, out of all fusions ever done:
    • patient age
    • patient sex
    • reason for surgery (e.g. idiopathic scoliosis)
    • surgery
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  • hunter6875
    started a topic help with my neck?!

    help with my neck?!

    im 15 and i had c1-c2 neck fusion surgery on July 26, 2007. i started physical therapy back in november of 2008 (3-4 months ago) and i have gotten some motion back. My best ive had was left rotation: 40 degrees right rotation: 35 (but the rotation is mostly my spine helping me move and my body too)...
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