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  1. Low levels of Vit D found in scoliosis patients
  2. 16 years post A-P revision and doing well.

    Haven't been on the forum in years. I do want to add, that at age 76, I am still pain free. Aging has taken place with the assortment of new disorders unrelated. Another old post talked about my bout...
  3. scoliosis despite intense activity.

    I was so active before I developed scoliosis at age 10: climbing trees, playing sports, hiking,swimming, skating etc.
    My mom, sister, brother and girl cousin all have scoliosis. My genes...
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    Keep searching until you feel comfortable

    Hello, I am a retired nurse anesthetist. I had revision surgery for a old fashioned scoliosis surgery in 1956 - no hardware. At age 58 I was getting out of breath from my curves: 30 cervical, 80...
  5. It looks to me like you are investor in a device...

    It looks to me like you are investor in a device rather than a Bona Fide patient.
  6. Oh really?

    Could you please show us your X-rays before and after with curve measurements? Why hasn't this been awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine?
  7. The reason for that is, once the foot is in the...

    The reason for that is, once the foot is in the boot, there is less flexibility in the ankle and then I need to twist a little- not a good idea-to work the lace around the 3 or 4 terminal hooks.
  8. Tying shoes

    In the earlier part of my long recovery my husband cut my toenails-along with the surrounding skin.
    I now do everything myself. I just bring feet up to my chair or a slightly lower table in front of...
  9. Dr. Boachie retiring

    Dr. Boachie is retiring. His office is sending me my records on a disk.
    I add I am 12 years post op and still pain free-at age 72.
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    Did you check to see whether your favorite surgeons are in it? Call their offices.
    Changing plans are allowed under the ACA in Nov unless there is a "life changing event". This includes change of...
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    Hip pain

    Jess, our hips were designed a certain way. With your large lumbar curve the mechanics of walking are way off normal and the gait is affected. This is often a cause of trochanteric hip bursitis. IMHO...
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    Nails, etc.

    You can look at this link from Medicinenet maybe to understand some causes.
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    Early intervention?

    I have not taken any photos. My case in the 1950s was NOT early intervention. The thinking , at the time, was to wait for skeletal maturity and for the progression to "stop"(?). By then I was a...
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    "Correction" in the 1950s

    Jess, you are right.
    The correction involved reducing my thoracic curve to "balance" my 3 curves. I has some cosmetic improvement. This was done with a turnbuckle jacket- a cast with a hinge on one...
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    My first surgery was 1956-lived NORMAL LIFE WITH A FUSED SPINE

    My case which I often restate: First surgery, NO Hardware, age 14 in 1956(!) by Dr. John Cobb of Cobb angle fame. Triple curves-largest ~100 deg. Fusion T-4 to L-2. Lived 44 years with a fused spine,...
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    Healing itch

    I noticed that awful itch during the healing period. Acetamnophen aka Tylenol really helped me.
  17. I was a cast/uninstrumented scoli

    I was 14 with a very severe curve which began age 11. We are talking 1956. Without hardware-not invented at that time- I gradually lost the correction and, at age 60, had a successful revision. That...
  18. Have you been checked by a scoliosis specialist...

    Have you been checked by a scoliosis specialist since age 14 to monitor your curve? Make sure that doctor is a scoliosis specialist who treats adults. If possible try to get your old X-rays for...
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    Pam, You had a massive correction-better than mine. For sure your whole sciatic nerve had to be shifted. I did have sciatica post op which sometimes moved from one side to the other. I was on...
  20. After Chiropractic my spine curves severely. I...

    After Chiropractic my spine curves severely. I add that everyone is terrified of surgery but, in 1956, my spine hurt, I was very deformed and scoliosis surgery was not as advanced as now. I needed to...
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    Sciatic pain is not always from the spine.

    The sciatic nerve runs through each buttock down the leg. Anything which can irritate that nerve along its path can cause sciatica. If a buttock injection is not given in the right spot (right upper...
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    Private nurse?

    I always hire a private nurse or aide depending on why I am in the hospital. The floor nurses are too busy to respond to the many needs-especially if it is a scoliosis surgery. In my case-10 years...
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    Medicare Advantage restricts, like an HMO which...

    Medicare Advantage restricts, like an HMO which doctor you can see. Regular Medicare gives you a choice of ANY doc in the USA who takes MEDICARE.
    Be careful. Low premiums can mean higher out of...
  24. abdominal approach

    Any time the abdomen is entered scar tissue(adhesions) are a given. Once the bowel is pushed aside or manipulated this happens. Scar tissue from any abdominal surgery can later cause small bowel...
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    Medicare supplement.

    Jess, Go to the Medicare web site for your state. They have satisfaction ratings. In every state "A" plan offers the same benefits. The same for B, C, D, E, F, etc.The only difference is price.
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