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  1. Rib hump worse, rod pushing through skin, more pain...

    I posted before about ongoing problems I'm having. I have a broken Harrington rod which is visible through my skin. I was fused from T3 - L2 in 1967 and again in 1970, ages 12 and 15.

    My current...
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    I'm in New York City, and I've seen most of the...

    I'm in New York City, and I've seen most of the top surgeons here including Dr. Boachie Dr. Lonner and Dr. Neuwirth. I will be starting physical therapy again soon.

    My right shoulder is extremely...
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    Revision surgery and broken rod removal

    I am 55 and had two scoliosis surgeries. My first was in 1967 to correct a 90 plus degree right thoracic curve, fused from T3 - L 2. I had a Harrington rod implanted and I was corrected to 55...
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