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    Thank you JudyK

    Thank you for your response JudyK. Iím glad that you had a smooth
    recovery. Iíve been in an endless search to find a dr that will do
    exploratory surgery as I am now convinced that is what it will...
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    Ed... thanks so much!

    Thank you for your response Ed. I really do appreciate your
    information. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Does anyone know
    of Dr. Plas James at Atlanta Spine Institute?
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    Who is the Johns Hopkins scoli surgeon?

    I remember back in 2012 that several on here had surgery with a dr
    at Johns-Hopkins. I canít recall the name though. Does anyone know who
    that might be?

    Iím going everywhere trying to get...
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    Baylor Drs.- any input?

    I havenít been on here much at all lately. Horrific disabling pain in multiple places now has sidelined me and totally zapped my will to do anything. I have seen and/or sent my records to no less...
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    If you are unfortunate enough to be in pain management, they won't allow you to use any CBD products. At least in Tennessee they will not.
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    Hi Ed, I tried to send you a PM. Maybe it...

    Hi Ed,

    I tried to send you a PM. Maybe it didnít go thru.

    I have tried a form of CBD sold from my local pharmacy. Tried that and some balm
    but my pain mgt had a problem with it since their ď...
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    Susan, i'm so sorry for all that you've been...


    i'm so sorry for all that you've been through. it sure is a very, very rocky road that we travel post op. Those who make it through with no residual pain do not know how very lucky they...
  8. Same song, different dr...ugh!

    Thanks so much Ed! and Linda too!

    Had an appointment today with Brett Babat, but no help here either. He refused to remove any hardware, saying it would be too harmful. I'm wondering
    if there...
  9. To answer some of your questions Ed. I had a CT...

    To answer some of your questions Ed. I had a CT myelogram when this pain first reared its ugly head about three months post op. Yes, Lenke put me on steroid pack which
    did not touch it. I've had...
  10. Ed, When you say pelvic anchor do you mean the...


    When you say pelvic anchor do you mean the long iliac screws (is what I've been calling them)? Dr. O'Shaughnessy put in the third iliac screw when he
    went in on my revision to try to find...
  11. Thank you very much, Linda.

    Thank you very much, Linda.
  12. Linda, Thank you for your feedback AND...


    Thank you for your feedback AND attaching the very interesting article. I find this absolutely astonishing since Dr. O'Shaughnessy himself called me at 8:00 AM this morning to attempt
  13. Thank you Ed for responding. I know you are a...

    Thank you Ed for responding. I know you are a veteran on here and extremely knowledgeable. Have you had your iliacs removed? Just curious since a friend that has had several spinal fusion surgeries...
  14. Thanks Ed! I do appreciate it. Ironic that a dr I...

    Thanks Ed! I do appreciate it. Ironic that a dr I just saw Friday
    mentioned his name to me.
  15. Thanks Linda- let me clarify

    Hope im posting in the correct area. I would love to get these iliac screws removed,but having a LOT of trouble finding a scoliosis surgeon to remove only iliacs and not ALL hardware as one surgeon...
  16. Sacroiliac joints supposed to be fused with long fusions?


    I haven't posted on here in years, but had T-3 to sacrum fusion in 2012. Last week I had a CT scan of sacrum area due to this chronic severe pain and an area that is swollen, very tender, even...
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    Told by lenke that curves would return if i had removal

    Gardenia, I had my surgery done by LENKE, same office in St. Louis. I'm curios how you are doing since you had hardware removal. I was told by LENKE that my curves would return if I the hardware...
  18. Dropping keys grabber inside car- been there done that- bend a wire coat hanger...

    Been there and done that several times! Dropped keys with nobody around to help and grabber in car! I now carry a bent up wire coat hanger in my purse for that purpose.
  19. Susan, mine was congenital also...


    I was about the same age as you, in school,around 13 or 14 when mine was diagnosed. At that time it was probably around 25-30 degrees, with a smaller additional, S curve. At that time I was...
  20. How does one know there is infection in hardware, btw?

    Lori, how did you know that there was infection in the hardware, btw?
  21. BTW, just read that 39% of adults with corrective spinal surgery end up PJK!

    Shocking to discover that such a large percentage end up with PJK! Wow, wish I had known this prior to surgery. Guess I need to clarify, this is adults > 59. But still shocking to me.
  22. Lori- I was hesitant to post my situation and waited 3 yrs to do it, another member

    I would not have posted my outcome if another member had not persuaded me to, as she said people need to be informed about the bad outcomes too. I was just like you and all the positive outcomes from...
  23. Yes Cathy I didn't have a choice either, but it has ruined my life and left me disabl

    I didn't have a choice either but I still regret it because I am suffering and want to end it! I am tired of trying to find answers as I have been searching for 3 years constantly. It has left me...
  24. Sticky: I regret EVERY SECOND of my extremely painful life and decision to have this surgery!

    This surgery has ended my life, left me in chronic SEVERE pain. I have taken narcotic pain meds for the 3 years since I had this dreadful disaster!!! I had fusion from T-3 to sacrum at 48 years. It...
  25. WARNING: if considering full spinal fusion, it may disable and end your life as mine.

    I had full spinal fusion, T-3 to sacrum, after having 80 and 60 degree curves, with the renowned Dr. Lenke. Just because you have one of the best spinal surgeons does NOT mean that you will end up in...
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