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    Feeling sad about Dr. Boachie leaving and retiring!

    I saw Dr. Boachie 2 years ago and he was the most pleasant, soft spoken, and genuine spine surgeon. He made me and my family feel so comfortable and told me that my scoliosis did not progress much...
  2. Daughter diagnosed with scoliosis - need your advice!


    In 2008, both of my daughters have been diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis and both of their curves were 14-15 degrees. I suffer with scoliosis since I was 12which is what prompted me to...
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    Thank You all for sharing your opinions and expiriences!

    I guess my main concern going into surgery is that (1) pain may not go away, (2) risks associated with any surgery and especially spine surgery ad (3) that I may get complications and there is no...
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    Confused, not sure how to interpret the news!

    I finally saw Dr. Boachie few days ago and I expected to hear how much my curves had progressed since my last set of xrays in 2008, but surprisingly I was told that my curves were actually stable and...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Hi Laurie,

    First, Happy Birthday to you! I just turned 30 last month as well and still can not feel it or believe it :)
    Congratulations on your 1 -yr post op!!! You look amazing after the...
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    Hi there, I am also in the same boat as you...

    Hi there,

    I am also in the same boat as you are. I am 30 years old and deciding whether the time has come for me to have the surgery. I had children in my early 20s and then the progression really...
  7. Thank you Stephanie!!! Its incredible how we...

    Thank you Stephanie!!! Its incredible how we scoli people all feel the same in many ways!! Its such a relief to know that I am not the only one going through this. Although there is an age...
  8. Finally, scheduled an appointment with Dr. Boachie!!

    It's been years since I have been contemplating about surgery and whether or not I actually need it. Now that my curves have progressed and my back pain increased, I am constantly re-evaluating my...
  9. Thread: Dr. Boachie

    by mariya

    Feeling the same way about initial doctor visits...

    Hi Mike,

    I also plan to schedule an appt with Boachie, but, want to schedule it for after the holidays...

    I have seen some of the top doctors mentioned in this forum, I am from NY so that...
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    Sticky: Great thread Linda :)

    Thank you for considering those of us that are still debating. We need these stories to help us make a decision. And I am with Lisa, who suggested adding the problems expirienced before surgery.
  11. Thread: pregnant! :)

    by mariya

    Congratulations Anya! This is really good...

    Congratulations Anya!

    This is really good news!! I didn't have surgery but do have two kids and just want to say that it is the best thing that ever happenedd to me and i would like to wish you...
  12. Dear Debbe and Avis, thank you so much for your...

    Dear Debbe and Avis, thank you so much for your advice.

    I will call my insurance and confirm with them all the information about the doctor visits and out of network and the whole process. I...
  13. Hi MariaF

    Yes I recently started to have second thoughts about my own scoliosis and I honestly am very upset with myself that i haven't taken care of my back. The main reason for cancelling my surgery two...
  14. I am back...

    Hello again,

    Sorry that i have not been on here lately...girls are back in school and every day there is just so much on my plate with homeworks and gymnastics and so i apologize for not being in...
  15. Question about scheduling a first appointment to Dr. Boachie...

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to set up a first appointment to see Dr. Boachie. I have been seen by few other top doctors in NYC area and had a surgery scheduled with one of the surgeons which i...
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    Hi Lynette, I would like to say that I also...

    Hi Lynette,

    I would like to say that I also don't have a lot of pain unless I do house chores or lift my gilrs (ages 4 and 5). I also decided to put off the surgery for now due to the fact that my...
  17. Thank you!

    Thank you for your replies Mariaf, Brad and Gayle!!! I had tears in my eyes when i saw your replies and such a relief to have your support and that I am not alone facing this with my kids. I...
  18. Mom to two girls (4 and 5 years old) just diagnosed with scoliosis

    Hello everyone,

    I am a young mom with scoliosis and just found out that both of my daughters have scoliosis as well. It was so sad to find out the news especially for me since i am still...
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    Well, thanks Katie, but I live in NY and will see...

    Well, thanks Katie, but I live in NY and will see a doctor in NYC. At this point my kids will just get x-rays for now and will find out what they have. Then i will start looking for treatment options...
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    That's GREAT!!

    Hi Katie

    I am so happy for you and glad to hear that you are doing great. I myself did not have surgery yet, i had a surgery date scheduled about two years ago but cancelled the surgery for many...
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    Dr. Dryer

    I had seen Dr. Dryer at NYU in 2004. He was my first scoli doctor that i had seen. I had been recommended by someone that worked with him and the person hghly recommended Dr. Dryer. I thought he was...
  22. Thread: Hi Everyone !

    by mariya

    Hi JamieR, I think you tried sending me a...

    Hi JamieR,

    I think you tried sending me a private message but unfortunately my mailbox was full.

    I just cleaned out the mailbox and will be able to receive new messages so please send me your...
  23. Thread: I'm Back

    by mariya

    Hi Lee I am so glad to hear that your surgery...

    Hi Lee

    I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are on your road to recovery!! You are really brave and doing so well so soon!!!!!!

    I am just amazed at how fast the time...
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    I agree with SUNSHINEMOMMY24 regarding pregnancy...

    I agree with SUNSHINEMOMMY24 regarding pregnancy and scoliosis progression. My curve was basically non-existent as well prior to my two pregnancies which were two years apart. The curve size had to...
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    Hi everyone, I just went back to this post to...

    Hi everyone,

    I just went back to this post to read more about the shoulder blade pain because it has really been bothering me lately. I was scheduled to have surgery on September 19 of this year...
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