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    Thank you for the replies. I was looking for...

    Thank you for the replies. I was looking for specific information on spinal CT scans and cancer risks though, and also about what exactly can be seen on a CT scan. The comments about these things...
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    Hi: Thanks so much for answering me and for...

    Thanks so much for answering me and for telling me that you yourself had needed a CT scan. I also appreciate the clarification about where the fusion actually is, that is very helpful.

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    Spinal CT scans/cancer risk


    Although there is research on how much radiation is received and/or the increased cancer rate from brain and abdominal CT scans, I can't seem to find any specifically on spinal CT scans and...
  4. I actually suggested that yelp link because it...

    I actually suggested that yelp link because it looked like Dr. Hu actually got good reviews, and I myself have met patients of hers who have been quite happy with her. I also think it's really...
  5. I have been working with the Julie Wilkins video....

    I have been working with the Julie Wilkins video. You could email her, but as far as I can see, there is only one part of the tape where she says "if your sacrum is fused, please skip this part." And...
  6. This is the yelp listing for the spinal center at...

    This is the yelp listing for the spinal center at UCSF; some of the review are on her, some are about other doc's at the spine center.

    Good luck with everything,

  7. New Yoga Video for Scoliosis fused spines

    Julie Wilkins, the yoga teacher in Alabama who has had a T3 to L3 spinal fusion for scoliosis, has put out the new 30 minute video she promised! It is specifically for people who have had scoliosis...
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    Julie Wilkins Yoga

    Julie Wilkins has a website, which is:

    She provides private lessons and classes and is also available to coach people remotely.
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    Inspiring yoga videos post fusion

    Here are three awesome and inspiring videos by a yoga instructor who has had a T-3 to L3 fusion. I wish I lived in Alabama so I could take lessons with her!
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    pain post-op

    These are all excellent comments.

    I just want to add that pain is different for everyone. It's subjective; everyone feels and experiences it differently. Some people may need a lot of medication...
  11. Thank you

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences about the injections. It has been most helpful. We do have pain clinics in the US, but it's a world apart from Britain as we are a paid medical...
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    I keep reading on the web very sad and disturbing...

    I keep reading on the web very sad and disturbing stories by young girls that have had the surgery and then later regretted it. And when I read the teenage section of this forum, all the teens talk...
  13. Having Scoliosis fusion surgery is a...

    Having Scoliosis fusion surgery is a life-altering thing, as metal rods are placed in your spine and it will never bend or move in the same way again. I had the surgery when I was 21 for a lot of the...
  14. botox injections for spine

    Thank you for this info! If these treatment are so effective for those who are in pain either in spite of or because of the surgery, then why don't the doctors suggest it? It was my physical...
  15. Lidocaine or Botox injections for those who have had surgery

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had had scoliosis surgery and then later received (for pain and muscle discomfort) either Botox injections into the muscles surrounding their spine, or...
  16. I am so sorry to hear of your pain from surgery...

    I am so sorry to hear of your pain from surgery and at such a young age.
    It, too, am in pain from my surgery but I'm a lot older.
    I know this is not much consolation, but I lie on a heating pad...
  17. Sticky: worst miskate of my life

    I think it is a good idea to have a section here where people can tell their true stories without having any return comments. It makes for good listening skills.

    I was a normal, healthy 20 year...
  18. article on patient satisfaction and fusion surgery

    This is an interesting article from 2008 about patient satisfaction and fusion surgery.
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    Harrington rods

    If there are any people here who posted on this original thread about Harrington rods, I would like to open a discussion about activities and pain levels. I would especially like to communicate with...
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    Yoga for scoliosis

    Interesting website and video by a yoga teacher who avoided surgery.
  21. harware removal


    I had my Harrington/Wisconsin hardware removed ten years after my surgery because I was in a burning type pain and also I didn't like having the metal in my back. My surgeon estimated a three...
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    HI: I am so very sorry that you are having to...


    I am so very sorry that you are having to make the decision to have surgery or not. There is a thread that I recently started called "Surgery should be last resort." You may want to read this....
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    Surgery should be last resort

    I feel this surgery should only be considered as a last resort; i.e., if you are truly hunched over and disabled from Scoliosis. If you absolutely have to do it, get yourself a good anesthesiologist...
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