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  1. Why Post Was in Third Person, Sorry!

    Hello Everyone,
    I did not mean to confuse you by having a team member post an update on new information about minimally invasive surgical techniques for scoliosis.:)
    I travel a few days almost...
  2. New Minimally Invasive Surgery Available for Scoliosis

    Here is an ABC News segment featuring Dr. Neel Anand talking about his medical breakthrough procedure, minimally invasive spine surgery, for scoliosis.
    With this procedure there is minimal loss of...
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    Addressing Your Concerns About Surgery

    Hello, I can understand your concerns about having spine surgery and I'll be happy to address them.
    I consider Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery techniques to be the answer. Smaller incisions, less...
  4. New Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures for Severe Scoliosis and Fusion

    Hello, I want to introduce myself, I'm Dr. Neel Anand. I developed a new minimally invasive surgical procedure for severe scoliosis that corrects and maintains the correction. There is less risk, as...
  5. New Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedure for Severe Scoliosis

    Hello, I want to introduce myself, I'm Dr. Neel Anand. I specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery and I created a new, minimally invasive procedure that straightens out the spine and maintains...
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