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  1. I think the doctor gave me the wrong exercices?

    Im 17. yesterday I went to a physioterapist and she gave me some exercices. My curve is the S way. Left part of my chest is bigger than the left part. My hips are uneven. The emptiness of my hip is...
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    I need all of your help :(

    I know ive posted a lot of threads.. I just cant stand this pain. Physchologically and physicaly. I feel my life is ruined. 23 18 degree scoliosis...atleast thats what it was 7 months ago. My...
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    Does brace really help?

    Im 16 and my curves are 23-17. I have a friend and she had scoliosis too and when she was in 6th grade she was wearing braces and now its not even obvious that she has uneven hips etc. she is...
  4. thank you so much for your help. I know it...

    thank you so much for your help.
    I know it because after I swim 3 times a week, the next week im taller than my friends and my hips are more even.
    but after 2 weeks of not swimming, i become EVEN...
  5. really??! it was 5 months ago. Doctor said come...

    really??! it was 5 months ago. Doctor said come again in A YEAR.. do you know if i swim, why does it go back to how it was after a while? it never stays good like after I swim.
  6. No I dont wear a brace and my doctor is the best...

    No I dont wear a brace and my doctor is the best in the country but he is too busy he only saw me for 5 seconds. lol so i guess he is not MY doctor really.. he was in a hurry and he is always busy....
  7. Please help me... I have an important question about scoliosis

    Hi everyone Im 16 years old. I have scoliosis 23-18 degrees. its not that severe but it sucks. I get shorter than the girls i used to be taller than...
    I want to know one thing... WILL SCOLIOSIS...
  8. hey

    Haha I almost forgot I had scoliosis :)
    I think like is beautiful...
    anyway. lol.
    My degrees are 23-22 IM A 16 year old girl.
    You know what? MAKE HER SWIM.
    2-3 times a week.
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    awwww that sounds so cute somehow.
    Im a 16 year old girl who is very social and outgoing. I also do acting. Im full of life. I learned I had scoliosis THIS YEAR. I had no clue why my hips were...
  10. wow

    ...Its so sad to hear that :( I want to die
  11. hi

    Hey what were your degrees when you were around 16?
  12. Im a 16 year old girl who is veryyyyyyyyy upset :(

    Hi. Im 16 years old. I had my period when I was 12. I recently found out I have scoliosis. I always knew about the uneven parts of my body, but I thought it was because of tennis (lol).
    I am an...
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