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  • general info and anything alternative?

    I'm new here so Hi folks
    I just found out today that my daughter (13, and has not started her period yet) has congenital scoliosis. She has been having back ache since January. I took her to the osteopath and the doctor who both looked at her and made little comment. Then about 3 weeks ago her right shoulder blade visibly popped into a different position, and the pain decreased a lot.
    I saw an orthopaedic specialist today and got an x-ray. It confirmed that her 6th from top vertebra only half grew.
    I donít understand how her shoulder blade seemed to suddenly Ďpopí out like it did, also 55 degrees seems a lot. He wants to do an MRI to check for cists but otherwise says come back in 6 months.
    I am firstly worried that 55 degrees is a lot and that 6 months seems a long time.
    I also wanted to know if anyone has had any good experiences by practising yoga or Alexandra technique.
    Sorry to write such a long post but I am fishing for any general info.

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    Are you saying her upper back (thoracic) curve measured 55 deg.?? If that is correct, some surgeons would recommend surgery at that point, depending on how much growth is left, etc. Maybe you should seek a second opinion by a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in scoliosis. If you give the general area you live in, I'm sure someone here can recommend a good doctor/hospital.

    I don't know about the Alexandra technique, but have found yoga helpful for flexibility & easing back pain.

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      Thanks for your reply flowerpower. After reading this forum today I realise that 55 degrees is a lot. I am in Bristol in England but who knows maybe someone knows about someone over here. I think I need another opinion but I went private today and really need to do national health now. I don't have insurance, it's not a standard thing here.


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        AT works for me but....

        debsw - I have been practicing AT for over three years now. It makes me aware of my posture and thus reduces my pain. For me, it works. I had the surgery in 1981 and then in 2000 so I now am working with alternative methods. For your daughter, she must be seen by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon since her curve is quite high and she hasn't had her period yet. I would not wait six months, that is too long in my opinion. Practicing AT certainly wouldn't hurt her but you must see a reputable ortho as the AT will not stop the progression of the curve. Good luck to you. LYNN
        1981 Surgery with Harrington Rod; fused from T2 to L3 - Dr.Keim (at 26 years old)
        2000 Partial Rod Removal
        2001 Right Scapular Resection
        12/07/2010 Surgical stabilization L3 through sacrum with revision harrington rod instrumentation, interbody fusion and pre-sacral fusion L5-S1 - Dr. Boachie (at 56 years old)
        06/11/14 - Posterior cervical fusion C3 - T3 (Mountaineer System) due to severely arthritic joints - Dr. Patrick O'Leary (at age 59)