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Pulmonary & lower extremity issues

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  • Pulmonary & lower extremity issues

    I am 58 years old who was born with multiple birth defects. Some included a missing lobe of a lung & by age 5 had a 26 degree scoliosis. That was 53 years ago. At age 5 I had a complete spinal fusion except for the last three discs. I had a basically normal life. I have gone to college, bowled, golfed, traveled. Unfortunately the last two years I seem to be having more health issues. First I have been having shortness of breath & a heavy feeling in my legs and a tingling when I am walking longer distances. Just Started seeing a pulmonary dr. who says I have defective pulmonary disorder. As for pain I am relative pain free most of my live except for when I over did myself.

    Anyone else having issues like this?

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    Sorry to hear about your pulmonary issues. Wow, I didn't know you could have spinal fusion so early. I had to wait until I was full grown. I was just born with scoliosis but have pulmonary issues because of spine that used to press on lungs plus now twisted rib cage which many scoliosis people have. I see a pulmonary doctor yearly for tests and use Advair daily.

    About my legs, I've had trouble ever since my 2006 revision surgery. It gets worse every year. My right leg is my weakest. I also have numbness and tingling. Keeps me up at night a lot.
    I use my walker when it's really bad. Helps my shortness of breath too. The ortho doc just tells me I need PT, but my primary care recommends B12 shots. Which I take monthly but not during flu season. I think I get a little less numbness with B12. Not 100% sure. Just hope it doesn't get too bad. I'm currently 62.


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