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Scoliosis & Heavy Metal Allergy

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  • Hi fashionista,

    My lymphocyte sensitivity test in 2010 showed a very high amount of mercury and other metals. I did finally have the Melisa test but by then I'd already had my amalgam fillings removed and several months of supplements to draw out remaining mercury. The Melisa test is a completely different kind of test to the Lymphocyte Sensitivity one but even after the treatment I'd already had, there was still a significant amount of mercury in my system and I wish now that I had taken this test at the beginning for a better comparison.

    Since I last posted, I managed to get a Methylation Panel genetic test done. I am in the UK and it is not available here so I had to send a blood sample to the USA to have it done. I received the results in December and I have single and double mutations in several important genes involved in the methylation cycle. This explains a lot of my problems, including my difficulties detoxifying heavy metals. I started a separate topic on Homocystinuria and I have also discovered that the gene responsible for this condition (which can cause scoliosis) is one of the genes on which I have both a single and double mutation.

    I am due to see a Biochemist this week to discuss these gene defects. I'm not that hopeful of getting anywhere to be honest as the medical profession is very lacking in knowledge about these problems, however, it's worth a try! Even if I don't get anywhere with this route, I still have advice about how to manage the defects and can self-medicate to try to support my damaged methylation cycle.

    I hope this helps,