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    Hello all! I am a 23 year old female. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 years old. I was treated with a brace for about a year, and since then have had periodic x-ray check ups, with the top curve floating close to 40 and the bottom around the 30s. I am an active person, I do yoga and go to the gym about 3 times a week. Generally I've never really had pain from my scoliosis besides fatigue in my lower back after long periods of standing. Recently, though, I started a full time job which requires a lot of desk work/long periods of sitting & looking at a computer - far more than I'm used to - and I've noticed a new tingling sensation in my right thoracic back where I have my rib hump.

    The tingling is intermittent and not too severe, but it worries me because i have never experienced this in my back before.I realize it could be caused by my new, more sedentary work environment, but I'm concerned that it could be a sign that my curves are progressing. Does anyone have any insight into new sensations like tingling and if they have any relation to a worsening of scoliosis?

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    Originally posted by Gina2191 View Post
    Does anyone have any insight into new sensations like tingling and if they have any relation to a worsening of scoliosis?

    I cant remember the exact symptoms of my scoliosis at age 23 anymore, but Iím sure that I might have been tingling at your age. I wouldnít be too alarmed about it since it happens to all of us at some stage......As far as progression is concerned, x-rays are the only way to see whatís happening. I cannot answer if tingling is a symptom of progression....

    I have come to the conclusion that sitting in front of a computer is highly destructive....(especially for the eyes) As far as the spine is concerned itís a good thing to get up and walk around often. The spine can handle quite a bit of physical abuse, this is something that I experienced in being a lifelong skier. Brutal crashes are probably not the best thing.....I mention this so you know that you donít have to walk around on eggshells for the rest of your life. I didnít let my scoliosis dictate what I was going to do or not to do and lived a very active life.

    Tingling, numbness, aches, pains, spasms, jolts, and burning pain are all things I have experienced.....There are also many tricks of the scoliosis trade we learn, simply laying down would be the first choice and our bodies repair themselves quickly when injured.

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      Hi Gina...

      I highly recommend sit/stand workstations. Almost any set up can be adapted.

      Sit/Stand Workstations

      I believe the Americans for Disability law requires that your employer make provisions. I have one for my clinic desk. Although I now have the ability to sit for hours, I still use the standing position from time-to-time. Unfortunately, standing for long periods of time sets off trochanteric bursitis. It's ALWAYS something!

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