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    Originally posted by burdle View Post
    I suggest you take a look at the Facebook sites. certainly not everyone who has VBT has a compensatory structural curve. When I was 30 I ONLY had a thoracic curve - my compensatory curve came 3 years after that.
    I think I found the point of confusion... you are using compensatory curve to mean a structural curve that was previously non structural. I am using it to mean a non structural curve. Both my daughters had a non structural compensatory lumbar curve under their structual T curves that spontaneously corrected after surgery to match the correction in the T curve. One corrected so much that the surgeon told her she was one and done. The other not so much. There was one talk that showed how nonstructural compensatory lumbar curves come to match almost exactly the amount of correction in the T curve. That is why it is critical to correct T curves as much as possible so to save the lumbar. This is what Boachie said in that quote. In the talks I watched, fusion gets more correction than tethering and corrects more rotation. Tethered people have to be made aware of this issue. They are measuring the non structural compensatory L curves under structural T curves for a reason.

    Based on what you wrote, your lumbar became structuralized because your T curve was not straightened because you were sub surgical. That is exactly what I am talking about in terms of tethering being like no treatment if it doesn't straighten the non structural compensatory lumbar curve enough to avoid becoming structural as is what happened to you and that poor woman with a 30 degree T curve... you both were subsurgical so you had no way to avoid the lumbar becoming structural.
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      Originally posted by Pooka1 View Post
      I actually did laugh out loud at this! Although it isn't technically funny.
      Sharon, I knew you would get a kick out of that. And yes, its serious. Extremely serious.

      The cruise ship sickness scenarios sound like sanitation issues....(no need to read the articles) and if one does travel to some of these places, that lack in sanitation is something that one needs to think about. I had my lifetime Hep shots done on one of my Colombia and Panama trips years ago. But this doesn't cover all of the possible food borne related things that can happen. Touch something, and put you finger in your mouth, and 2 weeks later, you die. (Have a great vacation!)

      There was probably one of those Dominican mosquito's hanging out in the fridge staying cool. You just know he is going to get you at some point....(smiley face)

      I the early 1960's, when I was a kid, we used to boil all the water in Colombia. No ice cream, no opening the mouth in the shower, this sort of thing. I still got extremely sick around age 10 down there. It just goes to show how vulnerable we are to microorganism's. I still get extremely jumpy if food is left out on a counter without being covered up.....

      For those interested, Dr Lister (Listerine mouthwash was named after him) was the father of modern surgery. Before him, surgeons operated with dirty hands.

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