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  • Structural/ input?

    I find your posts interesting and very informative. I wonder if you would share your thoughts regarding a question which lingers for us.
    Our son, Miles (2) was diagnosed with thorasic, idiopathic scoliosis at 14 months. He is 26* and holding, TLSO braced.
    At birth it was suspected that he may have had an infection. At 48 hrs old, he was given spinal taps/lumbar punctures (5 to be exact, as they had trouble getting spinal fluid to test) It turned out that he did not have the suspected infection, and upon discharge was xrayed by an ortho to ensure that there was no unusual swelling or impact to his spinal cord. That was all fine as well. ( although in retrospect, I wonder why the curvature was not noted then?)
    Anyway, we have asked EVERY professional whom we've consulted with since, if this could have caused, or contributed to, his scoliosis. All have answered with a firm NO, upheld by the reasoning that the vertebrae are not impacted by such a procedure. However, it is a lingering, bothersome concern for us, just because he was SO small and fragile at 2 days old- especially my husband, who prefers concrete answers to everything!
    What are your thoughts on this? I am not looking to challenge our Drs, or put you in a position to do so...but it just sticks with me. I have been able to let go of the guilty-ish ideas from the earlier days of diagnoses ( "was it because I missed a couple vitamins? Was it because I slipped up on the steps when preganant? Did I sleep in the wrong position? etc, etc...) but this one still compells me.
    Please dont think that I am still trying to 'reason' this out, or look for a different answer...just interested in your perspective, and if you have ever heard of a similar situation.
    Adele/ Milesmom
    Mom of Miles (2 1/2 )
    Diagnosed at 14 mo.
    start curve 30*/Prog. to 37*/26*CURRENT
    TLSO braced. VBS tentative for 2008
    Patient of Dr. Betz, PA.
    mom to Allie (12) and Ben (10)