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Pregnancy effects on a recent fusion?

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  • Pregnancy effects on a recent fusion?

    Hi all! I am now 6 months post op T10-S2 fusion with 3 disc replacements (L3/4 L4/5 L5/S1). My original fusion was 18 years ago T2-T12. Before this most recent fusion, despite a progressive curve in my lumbar spine I carried 2 large babies well and vaginally delivered.

    So...I am now 6 months post op and I am nervous thinking I might be pregnant. Don’t get me wrong I would be happy but I would be terrified if I found out that the pregnancy could have serious ramifications on my newer fusion and structural integrity. Does anyone know anything about this?

    It’s still too early to test, we are only 1 week out from the “oops” moment so I guess it’s just wait and see. My OBGYN did advise me that if I do ever get pregnant again his threshold for letting me even attempt to vaginally deliver would be much lower than anyone else due to my SI fixation. If I couldn’t vaginally deliver he would make me obviously have a C-section and this would be under general anesthesia since I wouldn’t be able to have an epidural or even find an anesthesiologist willing to attempt one on account of all my hardware.
    Feb 2003 - Diagnosed C (35) T (45) L (25)
    Dec 2003 - T2-T12 Fusion correcting to C (8), T (14), L (20)
    Oct 2019 - Lumbar curve progressed to 40
    Nov 2019 - Thoracic curve progressed to 31
    June/July 2020 - T10-S1 Fusion with SI fixation correcting to C (8), T (14), L (8)

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    I've heard surgeons say to wait 6 months to get pregnant after a spinal fusion, so you will hopefully be fine.
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      Your probably due for your 6 month visit with your spine surgeon. He will shoot new x-rays....let him know

      They can use IV meds for delivery

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