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Considering surgery at age 69.

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    Originally posted by Linda Foshee View Post
    I had more scans. MRI of the cervical spine, first one. I am not an expert but the findings donít look great, however, the cord is not damaged. There is contact with the cord in several areas from disc bulges and osteophytic ridges. Other areas have severe neural foraminal stenosis. Also have a reversed lordosis of the cervical spine. I havenít heard from the spine team if there is a decision about what was found. I also had a CT of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Nothing new from three months ago on the lumbar. Thoracic has problems as expected. Linda, do you know what the process is in regards to processing or approving a patient for surgery? Length of time or extra tests? Thank you, Linda
    Hi Linda...

    The diagnostic tests are based on each patient's issues and the desires of your surgeon. And, surgery or other treatment options are entirely up to your insurance carrier.

    By the way, cervical CT and MRIs of people with scoliosis are notoriously horrific sounding. My neck is a mess, radiographically speaking, but I've managed to avoid treatment for at least 25 years by doing daily PT exercises, and am hopeful that I'll be able to continue doing so for the rest of my life. KNOCK ON WOOD!

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      Ed, I saw the evaluation which seems to be very thorough. Although I believe getting an evaluation would be best, I wonít be able to get to San Francisco. At this moment I am focused on an abdominal aorta problem that was found on the MRI. I donít believe it is serious but doctor wants a ultrasound for measurement purposes. After that, I will know if I need a treatment plan. I am hoping it wonít prevent me from having surgery. I also donít want to have a stroke during or after surgery. Thank you for sending information.


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        Thank you for the information about diagnostic tests. I received a patient information letter or handout about spinal surgery. It covers everything I need to know including type of surgery, approach, risks, hospitalization, icu, what professionals will take care of me, rehab, what to expect from the surgery, Dr Ames surgical team and follow up. It also mentioned that a CT scan, Dexa scan, bloodwork, medical clearance by pcp and specialists and a stress test would be needed. I am grateful that these requirements are in place.
        I am finding that as the process moves forward, whether on my end of planning or UCSFís end of evaluation I am becoming less anxious. I am a person that needs to learn. However, it is still terrifying to think about complications, especially at my age. Thank you for your time.



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          Originally posted by Linda Foshee View Post
          At this moment I am focused on an abdominal aorta problem that was found on the MRI.
          Linda, The advancements that have been made over the years in vascular surgeries is just mind blowing.....I had a good friend who had a large open (heart to bifurcation point) aorta replacement procedure for aortic dissection done with a 2 year recovery at age 72, (in 2003) and now they do endovascular (minimally invasive) stents or grafts .....The video below is from 2009.

          On a procedure like this, you get released in 1 day.....2 very small incisions in each leg. Incredible...

          High blood pressure and stress can cause serious problems....

          Aortic dissection, aneurysm (ballooning) and vascular surgery would be study material subjects. When Lucy Ball passed away in 1989, I wondered what happened and it was all new subject matter to me....Same with John Ritter. It's going to be better to be proactive on this instead of having a vascular emergency. (At the wrong hospital, at the wrong time)

          Let us know when they come up with any treatment plans....aorta, and or scoliosis surgery.

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            Thanks for the information. I watched the you tube video, it was quite informative. I also watched several others as well. I had an ultrasound this morning. Now I wait for results. I will learn more from my doctor in two weeks. As far as the surgery goes, I will need to have a stress test. I didnít know I had a medical problem before meeting with Dr Ames. It is better to know and treat than being surprised during surgery.
            Thank you, have a nice evening.