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Hello - I'm back and developed osteopenia

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    Thanks for the link to that arch table, Ed! I've been looking for something like that for decades. During my weight training days, I used a device where I could do sit-ups for the back. That really helped with the pain back then. I'm not sure if it would hurt or help now, but it's worth a try.

    I don't have a computer with a disc drive, so I can't post any new radiography. I'll have to break down and get one soon.

    You asked how often I see the doctor. I'm seeing my neurologist every o e to three months. He's seriously trying to figure this thing out. I'm due for a neck MRI on Tuesday. That is if I'm not in quarantine. My grandson has been very sick with fever and stomach upset and headache. We and the doctors are worried that it could be Covid. We're waiting for his test results to come back. Our whole family has been exposed to him. So I'm more concerned with this situation than getting an MRI. I'll keep you all posted.

    Stay well, everyone!
    Be happy!
    We don't know what tomorrow brings,
    but we are alive today!


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      I don't know if these devices would help you and I suppose you should ask your specialist. It's hard to say what response you will get, if any.

      The arch table (so simple) is very effective for the lumbar stretch. When you lay prone, the weight of your legs hanging stretches your lumbar spine. If you start, just do a few minutes at a time in the beginning because the pull is powerful. You do not want to fall asleep on this. You set your belly button right on top dead center. Supine on this thing is a little tricky but it can be done. In that position, it would expand your disc spaces.(arching back) It's like using a scoliosis exercise ball only you have the weight of your legs and arms hanging doing all the work. I never exercised on mine. It was used for stretching only.

      Of course, these devices only helped delay my surgeries. They are not a cure for degeneration.

      Be careful with COVID. I do flu shots every September, but last year I almost died from influenza. I am not taking any chances on this after what happened to me last year. My hair is getting long now. If I stop shaving, I will be looking like Edward Abbey soon....more hair means less chance of infection if the beard and mustache capture or trap the airborne particles. (smiley face)

      By George, that's the cure for COVID! Everyone grow their hair like Cousin Itt. No masks required!

      49 yr old male, now 63, the new 64...
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      Bending and twisting pics after full fusion

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        We all got sick from my grandson. However, his Covid-19 test came back negative. It was like a three day cold. It had me worried a little bit because it went straight to my lungs...everything does. I'm glad little man and the rest of us are okay. I get a flu shot religiously every year. I don't even remember the last time I had the flu. I'm glad you survived it.

        As far as that table goes, I could never lay supine on it. Nope, never never never. Prone would be good and maybe hook my heels behind the bar and do small back-ups. But, I don't have space in my house right now. My 27 y/o son moved back in and pretty much took up the downstairs and basement to avoid paying for storage on his furniture.

        Anyway, I hope you all stay healthy and safe!
        Be happy!
        We don't know what tomorrow brings,
        but we are alive today!