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  • Scoliosis and Pregnancy...

    Hi, I need to find some information on how Scoliosis can effect pregnancy or how it effects pregnancy. And if possible if I could get some links as sources. Sorry to ask it's for a paper that my girlfriend has to write for school. If possible could you e-mail me the info at Thanks for your time!

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    Actually I have questions about that, too...My aunt has scoliosis and she said it was really hard...she was on bed rest and her hips popped out of place. Mine do now, and I'm not pregnant. When I started working with my personal trainer, who specializes in scoliosis, she told me it was best I didn't ever get pregnant, which seriously made me cry, then later she told me that I can get strong enough to where my scoliosis shouldn't effect my pregnancy. I'm not anywhere near it now, I'll only be 19 in a month, but it's something I have to think about. Has anyone on here been through it?
    Sarah Ann


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      Hi, I asked my daughters specalist about this as my eldest daughter ( I have 5)is about to have surgery ( in 3 days) He said that the surgery will not cause a problem and she should have a normal pregnancy and birth when the time comes. She is only 14. He said that for my other children who have slight curves that keeping strong and flexible will help, but as with everything keep a close eye on any difference that you see or feel. I guess this is too late for your friends paper but maybe it will help some else.


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        I had surgery at 13 and have the majority of my back fused. My surgeon told my mom that I would most likely have a good pregnancy. He said I would show a gret deal more and have less pain.

        UMK, I have read other stories of pregnancy with scoliosis where the mom had a wonderful time. The curves were pulled straighter from the weight of the baby and the back pain was less then the mom had originally. Just like women with normal spines women with scoliosis have very different experiences with pregnancy. Concentrate on strengthening you back and legs for now and let the future to God to take care of!


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          My doctor told me to wait until I'm at least 25 to get pregnant. He said about then is when the spine is fully mature. I don't really want kids. I'm in a lot of pain now and can't imagine how much pain I would be in carrying around an extra 20-30 pounds. My friend has 2 kids and she has scoliosis. She had her second child in January and now her back is really hurting her. She has a feeling her curve has increased, but doesn't want to find out.
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            question about scoliosis and pregnancy in 30 year old woman

            Hi everyone,
            I'm new at this and became a member to learn more about scoliosis and pregnancy. I'm a 30 year old female, healthy as far as I know. I'm on no meds, only prenatal vitamins. I have a "53" degree curve in the middle to upper part of my spine. You can't really tell I have it from the front, but from the back it's definitely noticable when I wear tight shirts in the upper right part of my back. I was diagnosed at age 15 and was followed ever since. I have never worn a brace (was stubburn during the teenage years). With the grace of God, I haven't had any pain associated with my scoliosis. I've been going to a couple specialists lately asking them if it's okay that I try and get pregnant. One told me I should be fine and to go ahead and just to make sure I have an X ray to make sure they know where to put my epidural. Another one told me that most likely my spine will curve more and shift and I may need surgery after if this occurs. I was told that after 60 degree curves, that they will definitely progress. I have 7 degrees unitl mine gets that far. Some one even suggested a surigate to carry our baby, but I would rather have the child on my own. Any information would be very helpful as my husband and I try and decide what is best. Thanks for reading.


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              i have the same problem.

              my recommendation is, you need to go see a pregnancy risk doctor. I know a good one and she is very kind and caring. my curve is about 56 degrees and i am also in my 30's with cronic lower back pain everyday. I was told to consider a surigate which brought tears to my eyes because the degree of my curvature could been have avoided if the scoliosis doctor that I was seen for over 14 years had done something to prevent it. it was the same doctor that discovered the curvature when it was only very small degree but was only giving me injection every year saying that I was too young. this doctor would ask me to come back every year to see him and when I see him the curve has progress even more and yet he didn't do anything about it not even bracing or childrens hospital. I actually found out that what he did was wrong from the surgeon that I went to see. I am now left with no other choice but surgery because the curve is now affecting my lower back and causing bulging disc.
              it painful to hear that you might not be able to carry your children in your stomach because of something that could have been avioded if a doctor cared. I was just a customer to this doctor.


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                I had my fusion at 18, although the rod had to be removed the following year, and I had my first pregnancy at 31. I asked the surgeon who performed my surgery about the possibility of pregnancy and he said it should be fine but that I'd probably need a caesarean section. I had a good pregnancy with no increased pain and I passed the advice I'd been given onto the hospital when I went for my antenatal care but the doctor concerned was adamant I'd be fine for a natural delivery - I wasn't!

                My BP rose and so I was admitted and given something to bring on the delivery. I had very bad back pain for a while until they gave me something for it but the baby wasn't progressing down the birth canal and I lost a huge amount of blood. Then the baby was becoming distressed and I was losing consciousness from the blood loss. Finally, they decided on an emergency section. My baby was fine and I recovered well.

                On my second pregnancy the following year, which again was trouble free, my doctor gave me a letter stating that I was to be given a section without argument and this was a much nicer experience, although not without its problems. The attempt to give the epidural was causing them problems due to the previous surgery and general damage in my lower spine and its effect was patchy. However, it finally took effect and my baby was delivered without any further problems. The anaesthesia took 24 hours to wear off in one leg.

                I would say I had very good, pain-free pregnancies, it was just the deliveries which were a challenge.


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                  I had 2 normal childbirth without drugs to boot

                  I had a normal pregnancy twice.. My oldest is 27 (8lb 8oz) and young 23 (7lb 12oz). I had them at 35 and 39. Only my OB/GYN was a bit worried and sent me to a chiropractor both until the day I delivered.
                  Only problem was I went on disability at 6 months and for the second, I was a contractor so I stopped going to the work site and worked from home. I was in computer programming design and installation of systems.

                  Labor for both: Water broke around 11pm or so. Both time got to the hospital at 3am. First one was born at 8:38am and the 2nd at 4:30am while taking a hot shower in the hospital suite. The doctor had to go in and carry me out.

                  Both times, I did not spend the night at the hospital (big mistake) should have stayed and get pampered.

                  Need more? send me an email as I am living for a trip now (back to California from Mexico)
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                    I had 3 babies through natural childbirth (no drugs) and did fine during the pregnancies as well, and my back actually felt better than usual for some reason.??? I have a short torso and the babies were all bigger-- the biggest was 9 lbs. 10.5 oz. I am 5'3". This was before I was fused. I'm not sure what my curves were back then, but my doctor did talk of my scoliosis...
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