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    Originally posted by susancook View Post
    Denzel: if you are NOT in a lot pain, my suggestion: get very physically active, especially mid body core strength, walking, etc. Forget chiropractic care, I think that it is a waste of your money as it has not been shown to decrease curves as Linda mentioned. Have a life, but follow up with your doctor to assess changes in your curve every year or two, maybe even less often if no pain. Use heat or cold to your back if it hurts.

    Have a wonderful life! Susan
    In the past, I'm not active in sports and don't really exercise much.
    Now, I'm currently jogging/running on the treadmill around 2-3 times weekly.


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      I agree with everyone else. Stay Healthy--a lot of exercise,but I have one more thing to add. Get a good education and choose your job carefully. Choose it in mind of taking good care of your spine. Knowing what I do now--isn't hindsight wonderful?--I would have changed many things along the way. I do think it would have helped--not prevent--some of the problems that older adults face.
      I will soon be able to expand on this{or at least I hope soon}but you are young enough to plan for this and old enough to understand the importance of caring for a problem that you know you have.
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        Denzel: Yes, education is so very important! Get as much education as the job that you want demands. Unsure where you live, but make sure that you get good health insurance. Eat well, get your body weight normal, and exercise: both lower and upper body strength. Find a life partner and settle down and have a good life. Your scoliosis may never progress and you may never need surgery. Time will tell and it is out of your control, anyway. Do not make worrying about scoliosis a focus of your life, but do visit the spine specialist every.....whatever years he/she recommends.

        Have a great life! Susan
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