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  • my brace-Question

    why is it that when i take my brace off for like ten minutes, i feel so unconfortable?
    can anyone help me with my question?

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    i really dont know why that happens but it happens to me too. id rather be with my brace just because i feel more comfortable
    óż aura óż


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      I think

      I think it's because you're so use to it, it feels weird not having it on and that you know if you don't wear it your back might get worse and you would have to have surgrey which i don't think anyone wants to have that done. I take my brace off for an hour every day and i have the same feeling but at the same time it feels good to get it off, its really wierd. So i hope that answers your questions alittle. Bye ~Sammie~


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        I remember that too. I think its just that your body gets so used to wearing it, and the muscles aren't used to supporting your weight. I didn't start weaning until I was 16, and got a lot of mid back pain (it's a thoracic curve) when I left the brace off to go to school. I would recommend taking up a yoga class or something once you are free four hours a day to help stop the back aches and build your muscles back up again.