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Patient modesty for teens with Scoliosis

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  • Patient modesty for teens with Scoliosis

    To all the teens and their moms I hope this will help you!

    When I was a teenager I had many X rays, brace castings and fittings with male technicians and it made me very uncomfortable. At an age when our bodies are developing, many young girls (and boys) feel self-conscious about their bodies. To this day, I still remember times when I felt embarrassed and humiliated by the men looking at my body for the fittings and X rays. I used to wish so badly that I could have a women. I wasn't that embarrassed with the doctor, but the technicians, who had to be more hands on, were always a problem for me. I am sure there are young girls today who feel the same way I did, although it may not be talked about because they are embarrassed or afraid. Also boys.

    But now there is a new movement called patient modesty. It is different than patient privacy, which is mostly for medical records. Teens, if you want, ask for a female X ray technician. Also a female brace fitter. The people you ask may act like it's a problem, they may say things like, Oh, you will have to come back on another day to get a female, or they may say they don't have any females. But, if it is important to you stand up for yourself and insist. Parents, I hope you will consider doing this for your teenage children. It is tough enough to have scoliosis without feeling uncomfortable and awkward at your appointments. And, you can save your kids from having a lifetime of uncomfortable memories.