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10-01-2004, 11:00 AM
I will be 27 next month and was dignosed with scolisis when I was in 6th grade, braced for about 2 years for 23 hours a day. Of course when I got to high school, I wouldn't wear it during the day, only at night. I have always been active, running a lot. My right shoudler blade is very pronounced and right side of waist is sunken in. I havn't been to the Dr. since around 1994, so my soliosis "lingo" isn't up to par. I have had a lot of pain recently and wake up with a lower back ache every morning. I am thinking about surgery in the future but don't want this to interfer with having children nor with mobility (running especially) It have become more noticable in the last six months and I am becoming more self conscious. Any advice on massage therapy or chiropracter? What is surgery like? I would like any advice on anything but need something to help.
Thanks- Danelle

10-01-2004, 04:53 PM
Hi Danielle,

I 28 (almost 29) and in more-or-less the same situation as you. I have recently seen three surgeons regarding surgery for my slowly-progessing curve, after 12 years without monitoring my scoliosis. Two of the three advised waiting a few more years before doing surgery, but my back situation will undoubtedly complicate the planning and having of any kids. (Loads of people have kids after having the surgery, but as I understand it with regards to adult surgery you must wait about 2 years after it so that the bones can become strong enough again. From the point of view of having kids beforehand, some difficulties can arise during the recovery period after surgery when you cannot lift babies or toddlers.)

I would get in to see a surgeon and find out what is going on in terms of the progress of your curve. Sometimes, as in my case, because I could see the ribs moving, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that they would recommend surgery when in fact there is still some leeway.

If you look through the forum you'll find a lot of info about the surgery, and some about pregnancy. I remember reading some posts from women with children who recently had the surgery and are currently in their recovery periods, so maybe they will be able to share some insights in the near-ish future :)

In terms of pain, you might want to try some physical therapy for the low back pain, with a therapist who specializes in spines. I recently tried Rolfing, which is very expensive but has helped me a lot. There are many options for pain management, and if you find a sympathetic doctor or pain physician they can help you through the maze.

If you'd like to "chat" about your situation, feel free to email me at lrmb24@hotmail.com.

All the very best! ~Laura