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11-12-2009, 07:43 PM
Hi I am new to the forum. Here is my problem I am 47 years old with a thorasic curve to the left of 35 and Lumbar of 67 with stenosis, herniated discs and arthritis. I have gone to 4 orthopedic doctors two well known for scoliosis surgery. How do I find the "right" doctor? Two ortho guys told me to excercise (which at this point is almost impossible) and two recommended surgery. I am in NYC and can see anyone that takes my insurance. I would like to see Dr. Boache-Adjei but he doesnt take insurance. Has anyone had good results with Dr. Lonner? I am so confused. I want to pick the best doctor for me, but I dont know how to find him! Any advice would be appreciated.

11-12-2009, 11:39 PM
Hi Sarah
i havent had surgery...yet..but if i had it...it would be either dr lonner or dr neuwirth...

dr lonner has followed my curves for 5 years...i think he is waiting & expects me to give up/in & just schedule the surgery already! :) i know what you mean about dr boachie...my insurance is in network only..so i couldnt have surgery with him...but lonner & neuwirth both take my insurance...i think very highly of all three of those surgeons...

i am planning on going out to CA in january to see dr anand about his new less invasive procedure...i dont qualify for less invasive with any of the older types they have been doing.. i am not even sure how "experimental" it still is, tho it is said he has done lots of the surgeries by now...but you know how insurance companies like to call things experimental & then not cover them!

i have 40 degree thoracic & 61 degree lumbar curves...with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, & arthritis..sounds a little like your situation...tho i am older than you are...

there is a web site you can go to for qualified surgeons...i dont remember what it is, but if you read through some of the posts, you will find it...

best of luck in whatever/whomever you decide

11-13-2009, 08:43 AM
thanks for your reply - did you get to see Dr. Boachie? Im not sure if I should spend the money just so I can get a consult with him - knowing that I wont use him - I cant afford it! I really resent the fact that he doesnt take insurance as well - only for the rich? anyway I also looked up nyu on the hospital rating system and it only got three stars which scares me. Do you know why Dr. Lonner isnt at the spine institute at NYU but on his own? Thanks for your help and good luck in CA also just read about a new procedure in Canada - maybe I'll wait too although walking is becoming an issue

dolores a
11-13-2009, 01:07 PM
Hello Sarah,

Both of my surgeons don't take insurance from anyone either, they do take whatever the insurance company gives out of network, I was not responsible for the remainder however. I'm not sure why some surgeons don't deal with insurance, does not make sense to me. Good luck in finding a surgeon, you'll see on this forum, some surgeons used by the members in the New York area.

11-13-2009, 01:27 PM
Hi again Sarah
alot of doctors of all specialties dont want to deal with the paperwork & red tape...that's one reason i know of...or deal with the insurance company rules...

dr lonner is terrific...he is affiliated with hospital for special surgery i believe..

i liked dr boachie alot...i went to him for the consult to see if he agreed with dr lonner...& he did...so did dr neuwirth...i wouldnt worry about what institute a doctor is or is not associated with...dr neuwirth is at beth israel...i am born & raised & lived most of my life in nyc ...i worked & lived in manhattan...those are excellent hospitals...as i said, if/when..i will go with lonner or neuwirth with complete confidence...i dont need nyu nor do i feel they have an edge...but that is my opinion...

if i were you, i would make an appt with one of the surgeons that take your insurance..if you want to try to see if boachie agrees, then that could be for later...since you know you wont use boachie for surgery...but that is just my opinion..

if you have, as do i, a policy that does not allow out of network, then there is no allowance for surgery by anyone but an in network surgeon....so the fact that boachie takes $$$ assignment does not help...

best of luck

11-16-2009, 01:13 PM
Hi Sarah,

I saw Dr. Boachie and Dr. Neuwirth, and I went with Dr. Neuwirth. I can't give any feed back on Dr. Lonner, as I hadn't seen him.

Both my curves were 66 at time of surgery, and I am pleased with my results.

dolores a
11-16-2009, 03:30 PM
Sarah, I went to Dr. Neuwirth, the surgeon that Debbei used for my second opinion. I found him to be very informative about the process and compasionate at the same time. His staff are very professional also. I decided to go with my first choise only because he was closer to where I live. As a matter of fact my surgeon studied under Dr. Neuwirth.