View Full Version : I think Doctors are full of sh*t

09-08-2004, 02:34 PM
Well i got some bad news yesterday.. I went to my doctor for his final analisis on what we are going to do.. He had decided that since i an 23 and i have completely grown all that i am going to grow that my spine will not get any worst that it is already.. He told me that i need to just deal with the pain and that i need to come back and see him in about 2 to 3 years... what kind od sh*t is that?? How is it not going to get any worst that it already it??? My back didn't star giving me any troubles untill this year.. And then it started giving me major pains in my lower back, my legs and in the lower front area.. (kinda like extreem cramps) In between my shoulder blaids dosen't hurt unless being touched.. Then again i can't put my left arm above my head and i can't turn to the right nor can i bend down.. I have alot of troubble putting my shoes on my feet and at times when i breathe i feel sharp pain in the hip areas on both sides..----- What am i going to do?? I spent all the money i had on going to this doctor and i don't have any insurence and the on top of that they put me out of work and told me that i couldn't come back untill this situation was fixed.. I don't understand why he isn't doing anything to help me.. Does he not understand the pain that i am really going through?? I have a 48degree in the lower back and a 28degree in the top.. I know that it isn't extreem but i am seriously going to alot of pain.. What am going to do now?? What should i do now.. :mad: :( :confused: