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09-07-2004, 03:32 PM
On my first day of school I felt like an idiot in a shadow. I wore a cute skort with a white tank and a jacket on top. I felt so self concious about my brace that I wore my sweat shirt all day. i was dieing but i didn't want everyone to stare at me cause you could see my shirts were an extra size big. right now all my clothes are wet of sweat and my mom won't let me wear a sweat shirt tomorrow I want to wear one so i won't feel self concious again. does any one feel this way too!!!!!


09-08-2004, 02:32 AM
Even though I am a bracee of the past, I can remember vividly having similar feelings (white see through school shirt never helps the situation). I know that people stare (often because they are curious) at a brace, but a lot of it does come down to how you "feel" about it. Trust me I thought everyone stared, and tried to cover it on regular occasions.

When I started eighth grade (high school in Australia), yep people did stare lots at first, some even did tease. But after awhile I found that people just accepted that that girls got a funny thing under her shirt, or if they'd actually asked that she wears a brace, so what.

I personally would find it weirder seeing someone wearing a jumper when its hot, then someone wearing clothes that are big. I know that braces are difficult and often big pains and that you feel like the biggest weirdo (well I often did), but try and wear no jumper, and remember to keep your head held up high, a confident look on your face.

I remember a story that someone I know who wore a brace told me, she had just got her brace, and the first time she changed for gym, the conversation in the changerooms just stopped and everyone stared. Whilst everyone was looking she just stood there and announced, I've got a brace, I've got to wear it for awhile, I have no problem with it and I hope that neither do you but tough, its going to be around for awhile.

Even though it will be difficult to leave the jumper at home, just remember that being comfortable and "cool" (not all sweaty and gross) is very important too.

Just a thought, I'm not sure what is "in" clothing wise in America at the moment, but I know here that you can get shirts that have a hood on them, or are really weird shapes, which are pretty good at "hiding a brace".

Hope some of this helps


09-08-2004, 01:44 PM
Keeda, I wore a brace through high school. You cant go around wearing sweatshirts everyday of your life to hide what? A brace is just like a cast on your arm. People look at it at first cause they wonder about it. I dont think people would think less of you because you wear a brace, so you shouldn't really worry about it. I basically flaunted the brace idea with my head up high and everyone accepted it and thought it was cool. Some will joke, some will be mean, but that is just what you learn in life. If you need any more help, let me know, Derek

09-14-2004, 07:39 PM
umm... if u have a boston brace, then what i do is wear i nice tanktop and wear a light button up(unbuttoned) shirt over it. i dont no if u understand me, but this way, the back of your brace doesnt show because its being covered by the shirt over it. the front of the brace isnt even that noticeable. hope this helps!