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08-06-2004, 09:34 AM
yesterday while i was taking son to school i didnt know i had to
walk 3 stair levels and down again. then i had to stand and wait at the bus stop for son while bus was 3 hrs late. the problem is that late last night i started to have pain at my hip and inner pelvis bone. also it felt like some one was taking bu tindens and pulling them up and it made my leg feel like it wanted to curve up.
this morning i woke up and it still hurts but also it has radiated to my whole leg down to the knee. i called my husband and he said to go to bed and stay of feet. it hurts bad and even touching it hurts like one bad bruise but have none. i am on hevy medications for other disabilities but i still can feel this pain. what is going on?:confused:

05-11-2005, 12:23 PM
I, too, suddenly woke up with a hip that hurt more than my back usually does. I also have the burning in my upper leg...the one that feels like a really bad bruise. I can't tell you what you have, because everyone's different & there are SO many things it could be. However, my doctor recommended an MRI where he found that I have degenerative disc disease. You are right...the pain is worse than the pain killers can disguise! Good luck to you. I would definately ask your doctor about these new pains. Linda

05-12-2005, 10:15 AM
I would say something near spinal cord is pinching the nerve. I had herinated disks on my lower back. I was standing and waiting for my daughter at her summer camp. All of sudden the pain started and traveled down to my leg and foot. MRI will tell you mostly likely.

05-31-2005, 03:12 AM
I have herniated lower disc, disc degeneration, facet arthritis at every level, double curve, narrowing in the spinal canal (congenital), kyphosis, bone spurs, one ventrally located and touching spinal cord in the neck. I would say that the herniated L4-L5-s1 area is the most painful because the disc material is compressing the nerve and radiating down the buttox, leg& foot, :rolleyes: swells, muscle spasms, burning pain. If I lay on my back or do something like paint some walls, I will be in the E.R. room the next day, unable to move my painful and stuck neck. I take clonepin for the neck, per my neurologist, which most doctors will tell you is not a good medicine. I only take it periolically, but I had to take it every evening for a long time. I recently ran into a 72 year old contractor who met up with a chiropractor who can manipulate the torn and herniated disc back into place by moving the disc material back into place. This is temporary as us with curves in that area know it will spill out and press on the spinal nerve again and cause the leg pain, but it is under 150. dollars so I am planning on giving it a try. I am off of the Norco, thank God, it was causing so much bloating as I have been on heavy doses for over 3 years. I take percocet occasionally, robaxin for muscle spasms, clonepin for the neck at night which also helps my arms from being numb and lilfeless in the morning, and neurontin at night for the burning pain going down my leg which I beleive comes from the herniated disc. I am hoping that this procedure will allow me to only have to take pain meds less often.