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07-05-2008, 12:09 AM
Hi. It's Lisa's husband again with a progress report...

Lisa made great progress today just one day after surgery. Under her own power, she got out of bed and with the use of a walker, walked about 80 feet and returned to her room. She did this three times throughout the day. After her second walk of the day, the Nurse removed the Morphine pump and started her on longer acting pain med. By 3:00 pm, she was removed from all the tubes and was able to go to the bathroom on her own. This was a great relief to her. She also feels that her legs free stronger then before the surgery. On Lisa’s third walk, she doubled the distance of her first walk. Her spirits are very good and feels she made good progress today. It was a good day.

There is one other piece of interesting information. Dr. Yoo spoke to her early this morning that vertebrae L4 was very unstable. The cartilages that support L4 were no longer able to support it allowing a great deal of movement and was likely the cause of most of the pain she was experiencing. So this is the reason why Dr. Yoo de-rotated and stabilized this area. He also said that if Lisa waited to have the surgery later, the damage would have increased to the point where it could not be repaired. This was very comforting for us to hear since we struggled so much to decide when to have this procedure done, or even have it done at all.

Thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement today. I read every email response to Lisa which brought her great joy.

Lisa’s Hubby – Mike

07-05-2008, 02:01 AM
Mike and Lisa ...

I was offline most of the day, but (night owl that I am), I just saw your post - and how well Lisa's doing. Yay!

All I can say, Lisa, is keep walk, walk, walking when you can. It sounds like you're doing great. Believe you're brave ... believe in positivity as you recover: Neither will depart for long if you expect them back :).

Mike, thanks for posting ... keep us updated!

Best regards,

07-05-2008, 09:32 AM
Hi Mike
Thanks again for the updates. So glad to hear that Lisa is up and about walking. Please give her my best wishes. I hope that tomorrow, the next day, the rest of the week and the months ahead - that your recovery is full of 'good days'. Take care.

07-06-2008, 03:51 PM
What fantastic news!! It must make you both feel so much better to know that you made the right decision, especially with the timing.

Lisa, I hpe you are feeling better and better every day. Take care of yourself, and I'll be anxious to hear further reports.