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07-03-2008, 11:01 PM
Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone knew of a website/book/anything about the best choices of clothing for someone with scoliosis. I know there's a brochure about hiding a brace, but I've noticed a lack of options/tips for people that don't wear a brace or haven't had the surgery. I'm just a normal girl with a curved spine, and I really enjoy dressing around my curve. It was frustrating at first, but lately, I've found that putting the extra time into making myself look better through clothing options really pays off.
So, if anyone knows about some literature on this, could you tell me? If not, I would absolutely love to do something about it. Make a website, maybe? I'm all for it, especially since it's summer and I have a lot of time on my hands (and A LOT of ideas!).
If anyone would like to collaborate with me, please let me know! Respond or send a message, thanks. :)


07-05-2008, 11:17 PM
4 me like i have a brace but 4 the time i have my brace off i like to wear babydoll tops. it like hides your curve. but if your thinking swimming suits i don't know what to say. I'm comfortable with my curve and nobody really notices unless i point it out. is it the same 4 you or no???
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08-03-2008, 09:42 PM
okay, so next year, i will be taking a web design course for one semester (can you say computer geek??!!) and was considering doing a scoliosis support site for my project. it would include sections on clothing choices etc. If all goes well, I hope to have it up and running by january. once actual construction is underway I will post a thread for people to offer suggestons for the sections! i have a few tips though:

1. as the previous poster said, babydoll tops are awesome. the flowing bottom hides any disfiguration.
2. for pelvic deformities, don't wear low rise jeans, otherwise lumbar prominances will definatly show, making it look like you have extra fat around your waist.
3. sports bras are easier to wear if you have severe thoracic disfigurations
4. consider lifts in your shoes if (like me) one leg is longer than the other.