View Full Version : June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month...

06-18-2008, 07:31 AM
I thought I would post that, because it sure slipped by me-- and when I found out, I meant to post... but then I forgot again and also couldn't figure out where to post it. I think there needs to be a miscellaneous area, since sometimes what we want to post just doesn't fit in under any of the headings, subheadings, and categories. What do you think? :confused:

If you want to read the proclamation and all that (I found it interesting), you can click on this link: http://www.scoliosis.org/ It takes you to the NSF home page. You can access that any time also, by just clicking on NSF down on the bottom right of the forum page.

So have a happy National Scoliosis Awareness Month-- and see if you can spread the word a bit to some who may not know about scoli. We still have 13 days left, counting today. Maybe we can make them count by sharing our knowledge on scoliosis. :)