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06-13-2008, 03:22 PM
Hi everyone,
I guess not everyone wants to know about revisions, but they happen, and I was one of the unfortunate few... but one of the lucky few that it was also successful!

Prior to surgery I was in a lot of pain, by about 3pm I was taking vicodin, and by 7pm I had retired to the couch. I put a lot of effort into PT pre-op as well, doing long distances in the pool. But despite my efforts my curve had progressed, and pain was my new almost constant companion.

I didn't know what I was going into with surgery, and was really nervous. I sort of went in expecting just to have the upper part of my fusion fixed, but I came out with my back fused top to bottom. Surprisingly, the surgery wasn't as bad as my first one, I think this had a lot to do with better nursing care and being a bit older and better prepared.

My recovery went really fast in early stages, milestones like off all drugs happened fast, walking was frequent. I even had no pain! But as I built up my activity I was getting a bit sore and really tired, and even had a bout of minor depression. But I got through it, and resumed my studies somewhere around 3 months post op, and at 6 months I'm doing two days a week on a practicum placement, and the rest of the days are full time doing my research. I haven't had my 6 month check up yet, but I feel confident. I haven't had any really bad pain for a long time now, apart from when I helped fold surveys for my research... that was not good! Other than that, I could say that I feel 10x better than pre-op, and just take a little paracetamol when I need it... before my surgery paracetamol didn't even register!

My goals now are to get back into the gym and pool, I had been up until recently when the intensity of my university studies increased and I focused my energy there, but I need to look after myself. Long-term I want to be healthy, get my weight back down to lighter than pre-surgery, and finish my doctoral studies without any more unscheduled stops! Also to set up a website for NZ scoliosis people and health professionals... have to finish uni first I think!

I hope everyone else that had their surgeries in december are good, thanks to everyone for their support as there is no-one else in my world that comes even close to understanding the highs and lows of scoliosis.

06-13-2008, 03:50 PM
Ahhh-- I can't begin to say how wonderful it was to read your post. What an encouragement! Thanks too, for mentioning the highs and lows that come to many of us, in many forms. You are so strong because of the struggles you've come through. I am really proud of you and all that you are working on-- and how far you've come through this whole scoli adventure. You are super! I feel honored to count you as one of my friends and a scoli sis. (Age has no boundaries in this family) I sure hope you touch base here every now and then, even if it's just a quick "alive and well and still doing great" type post or PM.

I think it's just super that you are planning a scoli site for there in NZ in the future. Best wishes in all your ventures!!! :) Big hugs, Susie

06-13-2008, 11:36 PM
... I hope everyone else that had their surgeries in december are good, thanks to everyone for their support as there is no-one else in my world that comes even close to understanding the highs and lows of scoliosis.

Y'all were the ones I watched - and who enforced my positivity in December '07 - after I made my choice to have surgery. You cheered me on while awaiting your OWN surgeries ... and my heart dropped every single day one of you went into surgery - and soared when the news was out you were all doing well :). You cheered me on early in your recoveries ... when I know it wasn't easy.

The encouragement from you ... vndy ... Geish (and too many others to name in the December bunch) seriously kept me sane before my surgery ...

It's true no one else can really understand; you guys meant the world to me then, and always will.

Cheers on your successful revision, A!


06-14-2008, 05:53 AM
Sounds like you have come far! Good luck with your goals this summer. Sounds like you will have a full plate.

06-15-2008, 10:47 AM
I'm so glad to hear how well you're doing! I'm submitting my master's thesis to my committee this week, and then I defend in 2 weeks. I know we both had doubts about how surgery would affect our work, but we've made it!

Big hugs to the December crew - yay for six months post-op! :)