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05-29-2008, 07:39 AM
My daughter is 12 and facing surgery this summer. We have been given two different opinions on appraches. One approach is to fuse the main curve only. The bending x-rays show that the secondary curve corrects to 25 degrees. Is this a common approach? What are the chances that a second surgery would be needed in the future?

I appreciate any information. We need to make a decision soon and I am torn.

Many thanks from a worried mom.


05-29-2008, 09:57 AM
If you search under Adolescent and Teen Patients, then Surgery, you will find a more detailed post of our story (Other options after fusion). My 12 y/o daughter was fused last August T2-T11, with curves of 61T and 53L (lumbar curve reduced to 11 degrees on bending). Lumbar curve was felt to be compensating (by several surgeons). We are struggling now with the decision of whether or not to extend fusion further (2 different opinions suggesting to fuse to L2 or L4) as the compensating curve didn't straighten out like we had hoped (it's still about 36ish), and going for third and fourth opinions soon.

From what I've learned, there are many factors in determining whether or not to fuse a second curve, the size of curve on bending is not the only thing to consider. What is the size of your daughter's curve while standing? I suggest keep getting opinions until you are totally comfortable with your options. Although, that's what we did, and I'm now back to making these decisions again :((

Good luck to you and your daughter!

05-29-2008, 04:04 PM
Having to have a second surgery is my fear.

Her main curve is T52 and secondary is L45. One of the surgeons that I am comfortable with recommends fusing both because he has had to go back and do second surgeries when only one was corrected.

I have scoliosis and a rod also and I fused from top to bottom. I would not want her to have to have a repeat surgery.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.


06-16-2008, 09:18 PM

I am curious. What did you decide to do? My daughter is 13 and has always had two even curves. At her last checkup her top curve had jumped to 40 and her bottom curve is at 30. Right now she still doesn't need surgery, but if she does in the future the Dr. only wants to operate on her top curve because he said if he fuses both then she will lose her range of motion. He went on to say she might look even more crooked than she does now because she has developed a third curve at the top of her spine that makes her shoulders appear even. He also said something about some patients have pain at the fusion site and I can't remember why. I need a tape recorder to bring to the appointments to remember everything I am told. What is better to lose your range of motion or have an almost straight back? I personally think a straight spine and lose some motion. Am I missing something here?
How much motion do you lose?