View Full Version : How to make your hips look not massive in the boston brace.

05-23-2008, 08:29 AM
Okay, so I got my boston brace and NONE of my clothes fit! Which is really sad because I had a LOT of great clothes. And my hips looked massive which was the thing I hated most. So I tried on lots of clothes and here's what I came up with:

Shirts that flow at the bottom.
Bigger (but cute!) sweaters.
Pants or capris that fit around the middle of the brace.

My friends couldn't even tell I was wearing it! I was just wearing a tank top! :eek:

Hope I helped!

-Lexi :p -

05-23-2008, 03:26 PM
thx lexi. you helped a little for me. :) MY only problem is that on the left side of my brace i have a high tab under my armpit. it sucks cause it makes me look lop-sided. also, my right shoulder blade hangs over the side of the brace and it pushes all the skin to the top so it makes me look fat.

i hate ANY clothes even with the brace AT ALL! sry, i'm not trying to blow up on your thread of advice or anything, but when it comes to clothes and the brace, i sometimes cry. :( also, when i take the brace off for the shower, i get sad, and mad. :mad: but... i know that things will work out, so hopefully my next doctors appt. will be successful, i have been praying and have lots of faith and hope that it will. what i REALLY want is too be put in the spinecor brace. (really, really, really, would be nice, actually, lovely. :) )

anyway, i will quit babbling now. thx for the help, feel free to pm me anytime. :) ~*val*~

05-23-2008, 07:54 PM
Yeah, I hate wearing clothes with the brace too, but when it comes to school I kind of have to. I just got mine and me & my mom are hoping I get a spinecor too. They look more comfortable, don't ya think?

-Lexi :p -