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05-19-2008, 02:02 PM
Hello Everyone,

Im new here, this is my first thread. My name is Ed from Reno,Nevada and Ive been a fellow scoli sufferer like all of you. Im 49 years old and was diagnosed back in 1975 and they wanted to do a Harrington Rod (Luque wire)
on me. Since I was snow skiing 4 days per week, I decided that I would "wait this one out" Well anyway, Its been a long road if you know what I mean, and Ive done Chiropractic,Copes,Massage,Accupuncture, Accupressure, Osteopathy, Water therapy, Scuba Diving,Traction devices,etc.

The last couple of years started to get painful and I had the sciatica coming and going and I really started thinking about having the surgery. The decision was a long thought out one with many factors involved. I could write a book about that.

My surgeries were on 01/29/08 and 01/31/08 anterior first, then posterior. The fusion is from T2 to the Sacrum with 7" anchor screws in the Pelvis. Dr Brett Menmuir did an absolutly fantastic job as I was C12,T70,L70.

At 109 days post, I feel good!!! Where is James Brown when you need him!!!

Ive attached an x-ray so everybody can take a peek.

I want to wish everybody good luck and God bless.


05-19-2008, 03:14 PM
Ed-- it's good to have you on the forum! You sound so upbeat and really good -- and that is wonderful. Recovery for some of us is a long road, but also can be pretty exciting as we see our progress. I myself go in spurts of thinking "Wow! Look at how far I've come" vs. "how long is this going to take???" So I flip-flop a lot on my outlook, but it's mostly very positive.

I'm so glad you got to do so much before you tackled this surgery... and techniques have been improving all that time. One question about your list of "alternative therapies" to surgery-- is scuba diving really one? Or did you put it in the list to see if we were really reading it all. ;)

Obviously (unless you're really a joker) you have titanium rods. I'm glad you made your x-ray(s) bigger-- I tried to look when they were small, but on top of being small, I have a very small laptop, so they were miniscule...

Anyway, glad to have you on here posting. :) Susie

PS-- I always thought our regular screws were truly wicked looking, but you outclassed everything I've seen with that 7" one! (I think that's how long you said it was...) Great Scott!!! :eek:

05-19-2008, 03:32 PM
Holy cow, that's a lot of hardware!! Glad to hear you're doing well!

loves to skate
05-19-2008, 04:09 PM
Welcome Ed,
Wow, and I thought my pelvic anchor bolts were long. Mine are only 7 mm. long, so compared to yours, they are like picture hook nails. Must be a guy thing. Oops, I meant 7 cm.
You sound as if you are doing great and you did it without any help from any of us. It looks like your Dr. did an awesome job. Don't go away now because we need more men on this site. It appears that many men just go away when they discover there aren't many men that stick around.
Thanks for your well wishes and blessings.

05-19-2008, 04:33 PM
Hi Suzie

Im a 46 year skiier, and have skiied about 90 ski areas in North America and Canada. Years ago I competed in mougles and aerials. I was invited into a competition by Wayne Wong at age 42, and made it on ESPN. I did land bad on 1 high jump and 2 weeks later, I started to spazm. You might say that was the beginning of my problems. That was back in April 2000. My Chiropracter was telling me to "stay on the ground and no G forces" I kept skiing however, had to ski pretty mellow and no more high hucks. Thank God the powder is deep in Tahoe!!!

I had my major sciatica attack in 2002 and it lasted 9 months. After trying all sorts of stuff, ( I had 4 herniated discs) I ended up in Hawaii in the ocean swimming all day for about a week and it worked. I was a scuba diver and figured that I needed to start diving again. I have dove in extreme pain, let me tell you, the last couple of trips to Kona were in MAJOR pain. Of course I do water entrys, and remove my BC before climbing up any ladder.
Ocean therapy works. It de-weights all your joints, and is good for the mind.

I know I will be able to ski. I used to ski in my Copes brace years ago with no problem. I had no surprises about my range of motion after my full fusion, and this was due to that brace. I guess even if the electrostimulation doesnt work, and the correction didnt hold, the brace was not a total loss.

I had to promise everyone that Id lay low till I fused, and I will. After that, well all I can say is, look up "Banana George" online and check him out!
Fusion surgery in 1955 and at age 95 he still rocks!!!

"Look how far Ive come" has always been my daily attitude. In everything, not just scoli recovery.

"How long is this going to take?" one day at a time.

My Frankenstein bolts I thought were supposed to be mounted in my neck!
They had me backwards on the table I guess! They are Titanium from Synthes


05-19-2008, 05:24 PM
wow Ed,
Welcome to the Board. Amazing X rays. I still can't get over the size of those screws. Sounds like you have exactly the right attitude and aren't afraid to live life to the fullest. If you ever make it to Snow Summit or Bear Mountain in So Cal drop me a line and we'll go have a beer and compare surgeries!

05-19-2008, 07:32 PM
Your story, your outlook and your Xray are an inspiration to me. Congratulations on feeling so good, that is just wonderful.

LOL at your James Brown comment. I was supposed to go see him in concert last Dec 30th, but unfortunately he passed away on Christmas.

05-19-2008, 08:14 PM
Holy Cow That Is One Heck Of A Fusion!! I Have A Good Friend Who Thought Her T4 To S1 Was The Longest In History. Nope, You Win! I Live In Sac And Will Have To Look You Up If I Am In Reno. I Too Ski And Scuba Dive, I Love Them Both. Welcome To The Forum Ed. Your Humor Is Much Appreciated. Best Wishes.