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07-01-2004, 06:58 PM
I might be hipocritical on some of this but it is true.....

Ive had a back brace since my 8th grade year....I wore it all day basically when i first got it... Once i got used to it I began doing the things ive always done... I even worked in it.... I used to not want to dress out for PE because it would take too long to put on and take off. Though one i decided...what the heck...so i dressed out for PE...... I went in the locker room took it off, put on my pe clothes and left.... I only got about 3 quiestions from people... so then i answered them back.... I told them the answers they wanted to hear... theres no need to be sarcastic with this (only when it calls for it). I told them and they never really bothered me again...i mean every once in a while id get a couple questions but i didnt let it get to me.... I just answered the question.... If you have an attitude that says "I have a back brace, so what!" youll pry be fine. Ive never had anybody go against me or not be my friend over it..... This is all an experience in life...believe me there could be far worse things.... All you need to do is pretend its not there....the more you try to pretend its not there...the more you think its not there..... Dont do what i did...if you grow and have to get a new one, dont slack off and not wear it as much.... Its your back were talking about... Its basically whats keeping your body upright and tall.....
All im saying is that this really isn't all that large of a bump in some of our lives....it may seem like it....belive me i know...but the more you think about it the more you realize its not.... so wear it like you gotta purpose and dont give up...
"never give up, never surrender"

Some words of wisdom,

07-01-2004, 08:10 PM
Kyle, you were totally right when you said "words of wisdom". I think that the main problem (or shall I say, the only problem that kids have with wearing a brace is what people will think. There's a girl in my class who had to wear a brace and another girl was making fun of her. When she took it off for her school picture, the snotty girl said "Ha ha, look, the teacher is holding her shell !" Shell? Its a brace. I told my mom and she said "Well the girl with the brace isn't able to control the way her back is. But she can and should control her weight." So there are worse things in life. Wear your brace, because if not, your back will only get worse and you'll need surgery.