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03-31-2008, 07:13 PM
My wife was checking the forum before I got up this morn (A bit sluggish lately, today I am 1 week post op on a stapled hemorrhoidectomy-,OUCH,OUCH,OUCH & OOOOCH!!, the scoli repair should be a cakewalk! Ha I am joking!) She said "some folks answered you with real good advice like I knew they would." I should add to my story I guess, I was tired last night.
2 finger typer too so I'm slow other than mentally! I was diagnosed at 12 or 13 and put in a Milwaukee brace that jammed into my neck and I couldn't stand to wear it. No regrets either as I believe it would have took my neck out years ago, maybe not, I guess it is irrelavent now! Maybe my parents should have took me back to see if it could have benn tweaked but we had special circumstances, lack of car and funds! Anyhow I've worked hard and did strenous work till the last of Jan. 08. The trapdoor trouble I just got fixed put me in bed and then my neck back started hurting. I have been a chief engineer on a riverboat for the past 27 years and usually climb between 200 and 500 stairs a day while at work. When home I am always fixing or building something. My wife watches HGTV and finds me all kinds of remodeling to do! I wish she'd watch the cooking ones instead and show out for me! Ha (Her name is Cathy and I AM LUCKY TO HAVE A WONDERFUL GAL LIKE HER!) (I put that in cuz I know she'll be readin this!! Ha) I got waylaid all at once, started having pains shooting EVERWHERE and my wrists have been hurting plus gettin worse weekly. My primary (Dr. Reese) is a lot of help for me, he sent me to an ortho for my wrists. Ortho did xray said joints gaps are widening, take 800mg. motrin daily and get in therapy, and wear wrist splints while working. I do heavy work and am around large and lots of rotating machinery, they don't let me wear a watch at work! Asked why seperating, he said some people have a better house to live in than others!!!!Told the ortho my neck and back had started hurting and I had scoliosis, he did give me a sympathetic look. I guess that would have to be another apointment, you only get a few minutes for $230.00. I don't like being ignored, haven't seen him again! Dr. Reese said we'll do an arthritus panel (he expected the ortho to investigate the cause) and with the trapdoor trouble NO MOTRIN and no therapy till we know what is wrong. Well my rhuematoid factor came back 90 out of a possible 100, not good. He sent me to a rheumatoligist, he drew blood for more tests and prescribed Mobic, discussed all my problems, he said nothing could be done for me but come back in 3 weeks, and return to work! Why would I go back to a Dr. that told me that and prescribed the killer drug knowing I had the trapdoor trouble. Dr. Reese was upset then since the neck and back pain was getting worse he sent me to neurosurgeon. He said my neck was good for 10 more years I only had DDD like the rest of the population. Told him my neck actually hags and snaps when I turn my head sometimes. Oh well I guess. Did say my scoli was severe and my case was beyond his ability and he'd give me a referral. He did say he could fuse two lumbar discs that have side slipped! Plus you can go back to work if you want to! Told him I pick up over 100 lbs. etc.. Oh well. Thank GOD for my Dr. Reese, after seing my 92* thoracic curve he said you aren't going back to that job I am suprised you can get out of bed in the morning! So for now I am on company paid short term disability. Well that is the condensed version! For those of you that may be interested I will continue this novel later! Oh I forgot to tell ya'll my shooting pains have all but stopped, Cathy put me on Glucosamain,Chrondroiton, and MSN, Awesome results after 3 weeks. Bye 4 now. Chris

04-01-2008, 10:48 AM
Man, you sure are lucky to have a good wife who keeps you busy with the HGTV stuff ;) I keep myself busy that way. But on a more serious note I am very glad you have a good primary Dr that is supportive, just keep pushing on 'til you find a good specialist, one that is experienced with the adult scoliosis.
BTW I love your sense of humor

04-01-2008, 04:17 PM
It is possible that once your scoliosis gets corrected that your neck pain might decrease or go away all together. Sometimes the neck compensates for the back and can be quite a pain! I hope this is the case for you and that you are able to get everything sorted out soon. If you want to find a list of scoliosis surgeons near you go to www.srs.org and click "physician locator". Make sure to check that they treat adult scoliosis. This might even be useful for Dr. Reese to know who to refer you to (since many ortho docs might specialize in spine, but not scoliosis specifically).
Keep us updated on what you find out.