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06-29-2004, 02:11 PM
I am 29 and in extremely good shape. I work out, run, bike or kayak 6 days a week, even though I am in pain for so many years. (Aside from very weak paraspinal muscles, and inability of my upper back/shoulder blade muscles to fire properly, I am in good shape). I used to be a gymnast in my teens which may have caused some muscle or other damage, thereby scoliosis. I've had several small issues since age 19 with bulging discs in all sections of my spine - probably genetic as my mother has had 3 spinal fusions and degenerative disc disease is passed on I am told.

I have a 15 degree curve from T-8 to T-12 towards the right. I have constant pain on the left side of T-8, 2 differing types of pain. The paraspinal muscles on the left of T-8 are as hard as a rock, and always sore, and there is often sharp pain, like leaking fluid, or an electrical pulse feel in that area as well. There is some type of friction likely between bones there as well causing extreme soreness.

After 10 years of seeing 5-8 doctors (Ive lost count), and not one doc diagnosing scolisis until last year, Im fed up and so annoyed at doctors. Ive been called a hypocondriac and a person with just very tight muscles causing my pain - and these are from some top surgeons in CT. Ive had to force them to order MRI's. And one doc reads the same MRI entirely different then another.

After 1 surgeon diagnosed scoliosis, I was sent to Physical Therapy - for the 3rd or 4th try in 8 years. I did have 1 very helpful therapist further refine the "diagnosis" of my scolosis, and while I saw him twice a week - it did start to help. But pain inevitably returns after a few weeks. I can't spend my life at PT, nor will insurance pay for it.

After 20 sessions of PT, the therapist was not giving me enough time to help much, as a result of being to overworked with too many patients.

My questions:

**Anyone with similar pain?

**Know any good docs in southern NY or CT?

**Know any alternative treatments aside from the usual Physical Therapy? The only success the therapist had with me was when he used full force on manipulating me- and I weigh about half what he weighs - shows how tight my muscles are. The usual PT does very little other then feel good for the minute someone is doing work to me.