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Tiffany S.
09-18-2007, 02:08 PM
My 3 year old son has progressive congenital scoliosis. Recently his orthopedist has said its time for surgery and has recommended growth rods. We had been waiting as long as possible to give keegan time to grow. We recently went to LA childrenís hospital to get a second opinion on the kind of surgery best for keegan. We saw Dr. Skaggs, who spoke to me about veptr (not right for keegan) a hemi excision, and growth rods. In the end he is actually recommending a new kind of experimental self extending growth rods called Shilla that donít need expansion surgeries. Skaggs may or may not do the hemi extraction at the same time depending on how things look during the surgery.

Of all the things we have heard about Shilla it actually sounds the best for us by far, except for the experimental aspect, and the doctor being an 8-9hour drive from our home. There have only been a handful of kids that have had Shilla so far, and none have had it long enough to know what the final out come will be for them. I donít have any numbers yet, itís so hard to know what to do! There is almost no information available on line, I did find a couple of articles in medical journals that Iím in the process of getting copies of, and one mention of Shilla in a short articleÖhereís the link if your interested. http://www2.aaos.org/aaos/archives/acadnews/acad2007/A11_2-17.asp

Dr Skaggs has used Shilla on one other patient so far; they will be getting my phone number and hopefully calling me soon. In the mean time Iím wondering if any of you have heard anything about Shilla before? :confused:

Thank you,
Mama to 5 beautiful redheaded boys
Rory age 14, Evin age 10, Brandel age 6, identical twins Keegan and Conley are age 3. J
Keegan has progressive congenital scoliosis at 63į - 83į depending on who messures, a hemi vert at T-5, two fused ribs, several vertebrae fusions, a rib hump measuring at 14+, a solatary left kidney, scatterd areas of abnormal signal within the brains white matter, sacral hypogenesis, L2 conus with a filar lipoma. He also has a syrinx causing lower limb nerve damage, that we hope will clear up on its own after his tethered cord release surgery on Oct. 18, 2006

Tiffany S.
09-18-2007, 05:34 PM
Carmell gave me a wonderful link to a video clip about Shilla. If you are interested you can follow this link and type shilla in the search engine at the bottom of the page. http://www.istreamplanet.com/srs/default.asp?np=media
Thanks again Carmell!