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09-18-2007, 06:41 AM
Hey everybody. I was undertaking some research in a medical database for my uni course and found a great paper on the benefits of Chiro & Pilates on scoliosis. This paper has some other fantastic information and has given me some hope, which i need. Anyways if anybody wants it just send me a private message and i will email it to you -PDF- or i will post it on this site if i can figure it out. I hope you are all doing good and are living well.

Karen Ocker
09-18-2007, 05:04 PM
Jimbo: I was like that lady in the article(writted by a chiro)--basically pain in the unfused parts of the spine--flatback syndrome.
Before my revision in 2002 I had done Pilates with a private instructor a good part of 5 years. It was a great help with pain reduction but did NOTHING to reduce or stop the progression of the scoliosis. It a great adjunct to any therapy (my surgeon concurrs) but will NOT change or reverse scoliotic curves. I still do Pilates now.

The article has inaccuracies
I looked at the references he cited in writing the article. He mentions exercises at the Schroth Klinik but that program involves bracing as well. There has been absolutely no studies showing permanent correction of scoliotic curves by chiro or exercises alone. I also notice his overstatement of surgical complications. It's the usual chiro scare tactics to be blunt. :mad:
One reason why these alternatives do not work in adults is that, as the spine curves, the individual vertebrae involves become wedge shaped.