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05-15-2004, 11:27 PM
Hi Dsal,
I am glad you decided not to get another appointment. I have recently had problems with our doctor. I was diagnosed in Jan. referred to a spine clinic where they triaged me. When my mom called after not hearing anthing the person doing the referrals said we might not get an appointment until July. Mom asked for the phone number (they gave a wrong number) and was on the phone for 2 hours before she finally received the right department. Went to the appointment were the office help was not helpfull and rude. The doctor talked to us in the office and then we went out to the hall to look at the xrays. We were extremely uncomfortable. He said to come back in six months, so we went out to make the oppointment and the office staff preceded to ask me "what do you want" when my mother said she would like to book a follow up appointment they informed us that the nurse does that! My mom decided to apply to shriners and spent another week trying to get them to send the referral! With no luck.

She called the insurance refferal office to see if there was another doctor she could go to (this other one was 2 hours away) and they told her there was not another doctor. She went online to find one 2 hours in another direction! She called the number from the internet web site, and oops it was the doctors private line. He turned out to be so nice. He listened to my mom and arranged to have us come in for a visit in 3 weeks. (he is staying late!)

She need to get the xrays and the doctors report. This doctor said he talked to me at length about wearing a brace. At length was "if you want me to I will brace her" said I had no back pain and did not list my allergies to penicillin (my mom always puts it on the paperwork)!

Needless to say, there are caring and helpfull doctors and staff out there. Do not settle for anthing less!


05-19-2004, 02:09 PM
From experience and advice I've learned to always keep searching until you have found a doctor who will work with you and listen to you concerns. The journey is worth the rewards.