View Full Version : has anyone been operated on by dr. hostin at baylor?

04-05-2007, 02:30 PM
thank you again for your welcome and encouragement - as i read through the archives, i am finding so many good answers to the seemingly never ending questions that i have, and i am glad you all are willing to share the details of your experiences. it's a good wakeup call to realize you might not be able to reach to wipe the ole hind end!! i am making up a shopping list as i go. i was very impressed with eric, the physicians assistant, and the office staff at the baylor scoliosis center/aka consulting orthopedist. i booked surgery with dr hostin, and i was wondering if there any of his patients have any feedback to offer. i have read quite a bit of good feedback on dr shelokov, and i know he is probably a "hard act to follow". i have good expectations from dr. h, as i believe he must be somewhat above average, or dr s. would not have brought him into his practice.. i am a 47 year old female with a 69 thorcacic curve and at least a 40 degree lumbar curve. i still have to undergo a discogram before they decide what to do. also, i really like looking at the before and after xrays that some of you have posted !

Houston Curves
04-05-2007, 06:44 PM
I did meet Dr. Hostin while at Dr. S's office. He is very nice, but I have a history with Dr. S - so I went with him. However, Dr. S did say that he would never bring on an associate unless he had great confidence in him. Also, Dr. H said that he has never lost a patient or had any neurological complications. So, that is definitely reassuring. Hope this helps, and I hope there are others out there who can help you out more.