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05-05-2004, 07:59 AM
Good Morning,
Update to the original posting regarding any available part-time or on call position for an Advocate in Michigan. I have just recently been placed on Medical leave and have applied for SSDI, I will be working only very part-time starting next year as an Advocate due to the degenerative condition of my Spine. At my age again I do not wish for further surgery and will deal with the pain and discomfort on a daily bases.
I have been prescribed Vicodin, Fexeril and Ibuprofen for pain control, but it is still a mental game as most of us know. This forum has been very helpful and supportive, to understand and know that I'am not alone with this medical condition. To feel accepted is very, very appreciated and needed.
Again thank you all, and I look forward of hearing and supporting each and everyone of you. Fight for inclusion not seclusion.