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02-10-2007, 07:19 AM
Hiya guys,

My name's Jenny and I'm nearly 17 years old. My scoliosis curve is round about 30 degrees and I find that my ribs are rather off centre as well; they've twisted round.
Normally I haven't got a problem with covering my curve cos I just buy things a size bigger or i just dont give a monkeys what people think. lol.
But now, I'm off to Spain for 2 weeks in March and I don't have a clue how to stay cool but cover my curve. A bikini is out of the question! lol. Anybody got any tips for me??

Jen x x

02-11-2007, 04:21 PM
Hi Jen - maybe a one piece swinsuit with an empire waist. A pattern up top would draw the eye up to your shoulders, neck & face. while a solid color below would de-emphasize the torso. consider shopping in spain for you may find more hip styles of one-piece swimsuits in the european marketplace.

Another tip....wear the bikini.... if you've got the body to wear one, then flaunt it while you can. :) toss on a light cover up if self-conscious but at least you'd be wearing something you truly desire to wear. Good luck.

02-12-2007, 05:53 AM
Hi harmoniesdj, thanks for the tips. I haven't seen anything of that style over here so maybe shopping in Spain is a good idea. At least I know what to look for now. I thought about a one-piece but me being me, I want a tanned stomach too! Honestly, I'm so vain sometimes!

As for the bikini, I'm pretty slim so I don't mind bikini bottoms - it's just my torso section because like I said, it's twisted so my ribs aren't that pretty! lol. By a cover-up, do you mean something like those flimsy dressy sort of things... kaftans or something? (please excuse my lack of technical terms but I haven't got a clue! lol).

x x

02-12-2007, 10:21 AM
I have three curves in my back, the worst being at 90 degrees and I have a rib hump that is worse than yours. I wear a bikini and I don't care what people say to me, even though I am extremely self conscious of my physical appearance.

02-12-2007, 03:52 PM
A tankini would probably work for you. The top is like a tank to that stops just below the ribcage to cover the distorted ribs. And the bottom is a bikini so you could get that tan stomach. ;)

Yeah, I was thinking of a sheer shirt top to cover the bikini if you didn't want your back/ribs seen directly but the bikini would still be seen through it. You could also tie the shirt tails in a knot just below the rib cage w/ the front open so the bikini top could be seen.

Another idea is to cut up a t-shirt into a coverup for the ribs to match the bikini you pick out. You could even wear it while swimming. Cutup t-shirts seem to be all the rage for teens. BTW - more resort wear will appear in department store now since this is the season for those displays so ck the larger stores. And don't forget the sunscreen!! :cool:

You are not vain. You are just wanting to wear a swimsuit like everyone else. That makes you normal. :D I say just wear what you like (esp. in a foreign country where you'll never see these people again). Feel free to experiment with your clothes & you'll learn about your boundaries of what looks good on you, & what doesn't do much to make you look good, feel comfortable or increase your self-confidence. Good luck & let us know what you decide on. Cynthia

02-13-2007, 11:16 AM
Cynthia you have some fabulous ideas! Are you a fashion designer by any chance? :) I would never have thought of tying a shirt up... I think that's a definite something to look out for.
I picked my bikini out today and it's tropical print and I've seen some shirts that would match it. Tan here i come! lol. It's actually an exchange im going on so all my friends will see me but I feel better now knowing that they wont see everything. hehe.
Coloradogirl I like your attitude, I think I'll have to try it, but if you are so self-concious then why don't you mind a bikini which is the smallest thing of all? x x

02-14-2007, 12:53 PM
Hi Jen - Soooo glad you got your bikini....you go girl....live out your dreams! :cool: And let us know how it goes for you on your vacation. I'll be anxious to hear about your experiences.

You flatter me...I'm not a fashion designer. :) But I tried to be fashionable in high school & studied the magazines for clothes that would disguise or flatter my scoliosis. Fortunately empire waists & A-line dresses were in fashion then as they are now.....so stock up!! Then I worked in the Manhatten area after college & had to learn to "dress for success" by again picking classic lines in clothing that were professional yet worked with the scoliosis. Now after 30+ years I guess I have figured out what designs & tricks will help us scolis look good & fashionable. I've also learned that my alterations expert is my best friend because she fits what I buy to make it work better for me. The added expense is why I pick classic designs so I can wear the clothes for years.

I'm still learning & am open to new ideas which is why I check the "Dressing your curves" posts. You kids are clever & come up with ideas that help (and encourage) me. I wish there was a section for adults in the work place who have to "dress for success" (Hint, Hint to the NSF Forum website designers ;) ). For all the advances made in liberating society from it's antiquated ideas, the "dress for success" and "wearing high heels" themes still have a stronghold. Just look at the magazines & TV shows (esp. "The Apprentice") for how society contorts the relationship between "dressing for success" and competence in the workplace. Maybe one of our missions as scolis is to work to break these misconceptions. :D