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01-26-2007, 09:52 AM
I posted on here quite a few months ago about my then 7 yr old daughter being diagnosed with scoli. We took her to shriner's for another opinion and they said she didn't have scoliosis and it was poor posture. I wasn't satisfied with that so I took her back to a pedi ortho for another opinion and he ordered an MRI, once that was done we found out she has a cyst on her spine....very small and shouldn't affect her. We also found out she was born with a weak spot in her back and that is what is causing her scoli.

I now have about 100 questions for the doctor and we dont see him again til March. But my question for you all is has anyone else's child had this diagnosis and if so what's the outcome been? Also should we go back to the shriner's now that we have a definte diagnosis?


Spencer's Dad
01-27-2007, 01:27 PM

Spencer does not have a cyst and his whole spine was weak, not just one spot, so I don't think I can really say much about your diagnosis, but it sounds like you have finally got some good docs looking into it. You may want to stick with them for now.

We are, however, patients at Shriners SLC, and I have to say that we have had unbelievable care there. The pedatric ortho docs have really been incredible, and since they team with the local children's hospital for clinic we also see nuero, pediatrician, and physiatry docs at Shriners on clinic days. I dont know if this type of clinic is done at other Shriners and it sounds to me like you need either a pediatric nuerosurgeon or neurologist who has had experience with scoliosis and cysts looking at your MRI's and tracking your daughter. You need to go where your daughter can get the best care and where you feel the most comfortable.

I'm glad you have finally got some answers and can now make plans on how to treat your daughter's conditions. Keep us posted.