View Full Version : More Surgery for Genevieve

11-17-2006, 12:37 PM
We've had a bad few weeks.
Genevieve developed a pressure sore over the top of the rods which had become very prominent again. I had actually rearranged her next check up but she precipitated matters by getting a lot worse while she was away with school for a week.
We ended up back at the hospital on 7th Nov, actually sqeezed in to an adult clinic for speed after my GP phoned the hospital, and were sent straight up to the ward (fortunately the children's ward agreed to have us even though Genevieve is now 18). Genevieve had surgery to trim the rods on Monday this week and we came home today.
I'm usually quite calm and capable while Genevieve is in hospital (fall apart later) but I was rather thrown when the nurses changed the dressing on the Saturday before surgery and I could actually see the metalwork sticking through the hole in her back. Turned into a weepy jelly for a bit - scared the life out of me. Had to just pull myself together to calm Genevieve down - she got upset when I did.
She's fine now and we're hoping the rest of the metalwork can stay a bit longer to give her the best shot at fusing.