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11-02-2006, 04:56 PM
My daughter was born with a leg defect where one leg is shorter by an inch and a bone did not grow correctly in her heal. As of yesterday we were told that she had scoliosis. The doctor feels that by rotating her hip back into place and putting a lift in her shoe the problem will correct itself. I am hoping that someone else might know or have had this done to there child to let me know the outcome. And also any pain that may be caused.

Thank you

11-03-2006, 12:55 PM

Sounds like a good thing to try the shoe lift may help with the scoliosis. The spine is so 3-dimensional and the mechanics involved are complex. The hips affect the position of the spine, and the spine often affects the position of the hips.

My son (Braydon, age 11yrs) has the reverse problem. His spine issues caused his hips to be out of alignment and compounded his leg length difference (LLD). He has a true 4cm leg length difference. His scoliosis made it even worse, before he had scoliosis surgery to help straighten his lower spine and level out his hips. Once his hips were leveled, we added a 3cm lift to his shoe, and he walks very well now - no limp whatsoever. He has no pain related to the LLD.

Before he had his hips leveled and when his legs were very different lengths, we tried a lift, but it caused more hip and leg pain than he had without a lift. Now, he has pain if he goes too long without the lift. There is also excess trauma to the knees if a patient walks too much with a significant LLD. Each step would cause him to "plop" his foot down, and hyperextend his knee. Not good on the joint.

Basically, the lift should do great things for your daughter. If it helps straighten her spine, an even better bonus. A lift shouldn't be uncomfortable. It may in the beginning as she gets used to it, but it should be better overall.

Keep us posted.

11-05-2006, 11:06 AM
Since i'm knew to this my main concern is any pain she may be in. Thank you so much for your reply.